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An interview

March 13, 2009

The following is an interview which I gave to Sindhu Madhusudan of RITZ, regarding swamy in court and the aftermath. The questions were sent by the magazine and my responses have been reproduced verbatim,  in their march 2009 issue, released today, for which I heartily commend the editorial team of the magazine.

1.What do you feel about the incident of eggs being pelted at him (subramaniam swamy) and
the assault on the High Court Judge?

Hurling a shoe or a rotten egg is not an assault with a homicidal intent; it is an expression of disgust and impotent anger. I may not throw a rotten egg at a rotten person, but I can understand the emotive state and the angst. The courtroom certainly is a place that has to be treated with respect but these protesters did not have anyother place and chance to do what they did. It is what the journalist did to bush, there was no way he could have gone near enough to do that. But the situation had actually changed when antisocial elements wanted to use the opportunity and create havoc. The incident is odd. There were the lawyers who allegedly insulted (or assaulted) swamy, willing to surrender. Then there were the lawyers who wanted to protest against the arrest. But, there were far too many policemen trying to ‘maintain’ law and order! That a judge was hurt in the rampage just shows how the men in uniform had no clue regarding whom to beat and whom to protect.

2.Would you call that assault a denial of the
Constitutionally-guaranteed fundamental right to freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech does not mean you can talk any rubbish and claim legal protection. In a society your speech has to conform to certain limits. This man has been going about talking quite freely, though his freedom has been also due to the security cover that he has. He dares to talk because he is not going to face public wrath. If freedom of speech were to be given to all seeman (whom I do not endorse) should be free!

Freedom needs to be combined with dignity and truth. If this is not acceptable then throwing eggs is also a freedom of expression! Action is a nonverbal speech!

What happens when a rotten egg is thrown? It hits a hard surface and stinks. That is what has happened in Tamilnadu. The eggs hit a hardened individual. They perhaps aggravated the stink that was naturally present in the system.

3 What is your comment on the incident in which advocates burned Xerox
copies of their voter IDs to show their protest against the Indian
government for not interfering in Srilankan issue and their disgust at
being the citizens of this country?

.The sovereignty of India cannot be compromised or even questioned. If someone does one insulting act in a fit of rage and insults India or its emblems, the person ought to be clearly and sternly warned. After all there are people who in a fit of anger call their mother a bitch with no canine or commercial connotation to the word. But if the offence is repeated it needs severe punishment.


dalit fury?

November 17, 2008

Just a couple of days ago a violent and ugly scene was enacted in the premises of the prestigious Chennai ‘Ambedkar law college’. The problem is alleged to have started after the name of Ambedkar was dropped/deleted/ignored in some posters. Dalit students were shown in the clippings aired repeatedly on Tamil TV channels, as perpetrators of mass violence. True, about three or four of those guys beat another young man to a pulp. Sentiments have been aroused. Tears stand in the rims of viewing eyes. Angry fumes suffocate pained hearts. “how sad” croon soap watchers. Indignant and righteous fingers type letters to editors or blog if they can.

The mass reaction to this incident has now turned into sympathy for the ‘devar’ caste persons who got the beating. Even those secular,eclectic intellectuals who pretend to distance themselves from casteism feel sorry for these `devar’ boys. It is no more a sympathy for the loser in a fight. It is not just a human empathetic concern for a beaten and bruised man. It is a silent anger that ‘those’ guys have found the guts to beat ‘these’ or ‘our’ boys. It is a silent fear that screams in their minds that if these dalits are allowed to get away with this act of retaliation, then slowly they would try to come up and even sit in our temples!

Whether dalit or devar those boys had no right to gang up and beat with murderous rage. They ought to be punished. But just because those devar boys have been beaten up badly they cannot be absolved either. They were the ones who were supposed to have started the fight. There are even some visuals showing one of those devar boys running amok with a knife in hand.

I just wonder what would have been the reaction if that boy had managed to chop off all those who came to attack him? Would all these tears still flow for the dalit boys had they been killed?

The whole episode is shocking the public because the hitherto trampled dalit boys have dared to fight back. We are simply not used to seeing this. It satisfies our intellectual itch to feel sorry that dalits have separate living quarters, separate vessels to drink. We nod in apparent understanding and pseudo-sympathy that dalits have been barricaded away from mainstream by a real brick and mortar wall. We are simply used to these guys being trampled. We have become so insensitive to the casteist curse on the society that the painful screams of dalits just gets lost in the air and never registers even as a whimper in our ears. their men were made to eat shit, their women stripped, their children not allowed to play in some areas, they were not allowed to move freely, at times they werenot even allowed to take their dead to their cemetry via the shortest route. we knew all this, and we were silent. we were feeling ‘bad’! Now a group of those boys have taken sticks in their hand and beaten their opponent who had allegedly cut off one of the dalit boy’s ears. This is shocking.

Pragya and her prohit connections are not so shocking. Manmohan singhs shameless licking of bush is not repulsive. Karunanidhi’s constant political stunts are not worrying. Just the fact that dalit boys have dared to fight is shocking.

I am not like the BJP RSS gang that says godmen/whatever those goons in spiritual garb are called should be protected even if they bomb public places. I want those boys- those dalit boys to be punished. I also want people to feel that though they may have over-reacted, they reacted. It is time to think on ways to end provocations instead of crying over reactions.

spirits go on..shamelessly

October 23, 2008

so now it is kannadasan!

His spirit has been contacted and with enormous kindness it has ‘written’ a lyric for a film under production!

I only wish the spirit of MGR will give the hero a charismatic smile and the spirit of Sivaji gives him an emotive ability. I also wish the spirit of silk Smitha would give the heroine the art of seductive histrionics. I hope the spirit of KV Mahadevan will write the music for the song, I hope the newly joined spirit of Sridhar will drive a sense of direction to the director! Am I blasphemous?

Are we not insulting the dead who have no way of defending themselves?

If you really want a kannadasan song in your film, you can pick up lines from his books as how you use bharathi . Every director worthy of being called one knows that (as much she/he knows the fact that  many music directors are not really composers)!

My anger is not at these film-makers, but at the news-givers. I am infuriated that for whatever paise it may be worth, my news-supplying paper is wasting itself on trash. I would like to ask the editor and the reporter-Are you not ashamed to print and publicize such a silly thing? Are you really believing that we are all idiots simply because we still see silly films? Just because a publicity oriented person claims that he owns  your mother will you print the story? Where is the discretion of journalism?

you news-guys have caused me mental agony.If kannadasan’s spirit is summoned today, how can I ever die in peace? I am in ‘mortal’ fear that my spirit will be summoned someday in future.

do i sue you cheap frauds and fake sellers? if gandhi cannot sue when his father is insinuated..what would a hapless idiot like me can?

calling the spirits

October 15, 2008

Though there are millions of words to be written before even a handful of the gullible millions would pause to examine the fraudulent designs of our spiritual specialists, this blog is not about the naked cheapness of these con-men. This blog is about a personal anguish. It is about a shame that I have been suffering in a shameless silence for nearly two months.

I had written a blog on how ‘spirits’ were allegedly requested to help in a murder investigation. The purpose of the blog was to express an angry impotence on how our people are taken for a big illusory ride. But it appears my words were counter productive. Even now, I find that people are landing up at my blog while searching for the address of a person who claims to be a single point of contact with the spirit-world. Why do people seek these sickening frauds?

People generally flock to these frauds seeking help when they feel life is beyond their comprehension, when they feel that their difficulties are insurmountable. Life becomes a problem only when the living imagine that dreams are realities. Life becomes difficult only when needs and desires are confused. Life is a riddle only when the language of common sense is lost.

When there is a tragedy, a loss, a real or imagined failure one tends to lose control. Emotions surge and engulf the rational competence that is essential for survival and growth. It is in this moment of weakness that one becomes desperate and seeks solace in illusions.

I feel I have to think more on the aspects of searching and seeking that operate in the minds of my fellow-men. But for now I wish to state in this blog that I am most willing to offer five times more than the ‘fee-normally-charged’ by such spirit-associates if they can answer three simple questions.

Since spirits are supposed to know even who killed whom and when, they should in my naïve opinion know when I did what, therefore the first question is which deity (that I worship) was seen by me in two different temples on the 11th and 12 th of july 2008.

The second question should be simpler, after all my grandfather, grandmother and my father being dead, their spirits can be contacted to find the answer for my question- what is my paternal grandmother’s name.

In the same manner the spirits should be able to say where my father was born– not just Chennai but something like ashoknagar or annanagr.

These are questions that those who are in contact with the man who is in contact with the spirits can ask him and give me the answer.

For someone who is in constant contact with the spirits this should not take more than a couple of days, but I am willing to wait for three weeks in case there is a full/new moon tag that may be used.

So, those who seek v—– ravichandran and land up at this blog, please ask these questions for me. As a bonus, I will pay for three of your questions if I get the right answers.

as the angry believers can notice i am not an atheist asking these questions.

medicare, moneycare

August 28, 2008

.this is a blog i recieved from one of my internet friends. this blog does not need additional comments by me. spread the news to create awareness.


We were living in the UK for few years; our family includes me, my wife (Padma), and our 7 yr old son and 8months old daughter.   My wife had a symptom of ventral hernia (slightly bulged abdomen), we had consulted General Physician and Surgeon in the UK and advice was that she needed a surgery to have a mesh to fix the problem with a few weeks rest.    We were also told that this is not an emergency and it can be done anytime though earlier is good.   In fact the surgeon whom we consulted in UK talked about an example of a lady having this done for 30 years of the symptom.    My wife did not have any specific pain or something except a small discomfort of bulgy abdomen (like a 2 months pregnant lady) and she was in her normal routine of taking care of our children, taking our son to school, household work, etc.
We were planning for Christmas vacation in India in Dec 2007,  we thought we will consult some ‘good’ doctors over in India and take a decision of when we will do the surgery if required and possibly felt doing in India is good because of family support.   We have got a reference of Dr J S Rajkumar of Lifeline hospital and we booked an appointment to meet him.

We landed in Chennai on 14th Dec 2007 for a three weeks vacation, met Dr Rajkumar at his city hospital (Rigid hospital) in Chetput on 15th Dec 2007 (Sat) at about 730pm.   We have explained him the background, shown him all the comments of UK surgeon, medical reports related to my wife pregnancy, deliveries, etc (she had delivered both our children normally).    After few minutes of assessment Dr Rajkumar told us this hernia requires laparoscopic surgery and we can do this next day itself.   We were little concerned initially of getting this surgery done the very next day  (particularly we were still not out of jet lag and she was feeding our baby) and got convinced with the ‘salesy’ words given by the Doctors.   To quote a comment from the Doctor “she will run in two days time and can lift two suitcases and you can return to UK as per your plan on 3rd Jan 2008″).      Also Dr Rajkumar told us that he will be on travel for 3 days from 17th Dec and moreover he was teaching Post Graduates on 16th Dec about laparoscopic surgery and let us get it done on 16th Dec.  

Then my wife was put into all sorts of equipments in the hospital (in the name of assessment); blood, urine, ECG, MRI and so on and the tests were conducted till about 11pm on 15th Dec.   In fact they have opened the labs after closing hours and got the test done and handed over the test results to us.     They had some problem in the ECG and we were told that ECG can be done on the next day at Lifeline hospital.

We were asked to report to Rigid hospital at 5am in the morning.  Think of it, we went our residence around midnight and my wife had rush on some food to keep compliance on the fasting 8 hrs prior to surgery.    After preparing for the hospital visit that night and a couple of hours sleep (3 hrs or so) we reached Rigid hospital on 16th morning at 5am or so and from there we were transported by an ‘ambulance’ to Lifelife hospital in Perungudi (outskirts of Chennai).

We reached the hospital at 630am, paid some initial advance for the surgery and we were given a room.   Padma went through some more basic checks like height, weight, etc.    Padma was taken to the operation theatre at about 10am in the morning on 16th Dec.    After the laparoscopic procedure she was moved to post operative ward at about 12 noon and I have met her in the afternoon to say a small hello when she gained consciousness.    Dr Rajkumar met us on 16th Dec afternoon and he in fact congratulated me for successful surgery and said he has used proceed mesh (costly one) and advised his staff to move Padma to normal ward in the evening as she had to feed her baby.   But, Padma was moved to normal ward only on 17th Dec morning, she was on IV fluids as per normal post operative procedure.  

Padma started to develop some fluids in her abdomen which duty doctors / surgeons have ‘rightly’ observed.   She was put in some series of  tests on 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th – tests include multiple ultra sound, multiple CT scans, pricked her abdomen and taken fluids, she had a long tube through her nose overnight to collect fluid for tests, etc.    We were told the fluid is normal after surgery and it will be alright after she passes stool, etc.

In the meanwhile Dr Rajkumar returned from his travel and seen Padma on 19th on 20th Dec evening along with other surgeons.   He made an assessment and he told me that he might want to do one more laparoscopic surgery to find out what is the fluid about.   He wanted to do a surgery on 20th Dec evening itself, but he could not proceed as the hospital has given solid food that afternoon – hence anaesthesia could not be given. (lack of co-ordination among departments, time lost here, may be she could have survived if they have did the surgery on 20th itself)

On 20th Dec night, fluid started oozing from Padma’s abdomen stitches, after the duty Doctor’s assessment she was shifted to ICU.    We really did not know what complication she developed in the ICU.

On 21st  Dec (Friday) morning around 830am I was called in to the ICU to convey that they are going to perform a surgery and I had to sign “
high risk consent”, they were telling this in front of my wife (just think of a patient hearing this before the surgery).  I was just shocked at that and had no options to sign whatever they wanted.    I said “all the best” (my last conversation with my wife) to my wife and she was taken to Operation Theatre.
While I was discussing with the Doctors at ICU, the cashier in the hospital kept on calling me on my mobile.   When I met the cashier he asked for Rs.60,000 to be paid immediately and I told him take Rs.40,000 and will give you the balance later in the day.   Bang a reply came,
you have to pay the money to for me to give clearance for surgery.    When I expressed my unhappiness about the comment, he insisted for me to sign a piece of paper saying that I will give the money later in the day.    (What money minded, in-human attitude!)
We had no news from the hospital on their own about the surgery, I had enquired the staff nurse and visited my wife in the ICU and learnt that she had a diagnostic laparotomy (open surgery) and there was hole in the intestine which was fixed.  

We have meet Dr Rajkumar at about 3:30pm on 21st Dec and understood that there was a duodenum rupture and he has fixed it, at the same time he removed the mesh which was fixed on 16th Dec.  She was also paralysed and put on ventilator as she was waking up.  He explained it was between life threatening and beauty so they addressed the duodenum rupture problem.    What we were puzzled were, how did the rupture happen? for that explanation given were

 it could be due to ulcer.  My wife had no evidence of ulcer in the past.   Explanation given was 40%+ cases of ulcer is silent and there will be no symptom (I lack medical knowledge to appreciate this)
 it could be due to post operative stress (so many test post operation without any explanation of what we were doing could have created the stress on Padma is my argument)
On the same night (21st Dec) at about 930pm, I was called in to the ICU and Doctors conveyed that my wife condition is critical – her pulse is high, BP is low and they were attending to her.   I insisted on talking to Dr Rajkumar immdly, but they refused to connect me to him at first and finally managed to speak to him.   Dr Rajkumar came in around midnight and explained that the lungs are getting affected (shown X-ray of white patches on the lower portion of lungs) and she was the most serious patient in the whole hospital that time and they were trying their best.    He also said, it will need another 12-24 hours of observation before they can say anything.

We were completely panicked and just waiting outside the ICU and praying for Padma’s recovery.    We had to argue with the security outside the ICU to gain access to the Doctors to know her situation (no courtesy from the security personnel, who just don’t understand the situation)

At about 4:30am in the morning, my friend gained access the Doctors in the ICU and came out with the low face to tell me that Padma’s condition is worsened.     Again I tried to reach Dr Rajkumar and the hospital says they don’t have his contact number (just can’t understand how they can behave like this).  Finally after some hue and cry Dr Rajkumar came on line to tell me that he is not God and don’t think his visit can do any thing different.   I cried, begged him to come over to give some ideas to his team to recover Padma.   He came over at around 6am and said they are trying everything possible, etc; but her end came quickly.  

The end came to our beloved Padma at 6:30am on 22nd Dec, throwing the entire family to rude shock and a life time sorrow.   Our “LIVES AFTER DEATH” of Padma has changed for ever.

I can now think of so many questions retrospectively;

1.        Why did the surgeon perform the surgery the very next day of consultancy, that too for a non-emergency one like this?   (Padma had just travelled many miles, she was not even out of jet lag.)   Was it for money? Was it for them to get one more sample for their post grads training?

2.        Did the Doctors made proper assessment on Padma’s fitness for surgery, frankly did they even had time to go through the reports, after the tests till 11pm on the previous night for next day 8am surgery (particularly when the reports were with us till 730am on the day of surgery).

3.        Patient communication and counselling.   Isn’t it important to communicate to patient and their relatives on the development of patient condition (fluid collection started from the next day of laparoscopic)

4.        Did the absence of Dr Rajkumar for three days post the first surgery is one of the reason for this disaster?  Were the other Doctors not able to diagnose or take a decision?  Were they waiting for Dr Rajkumar return?

5.        What is the real reason for duodenum perforation?   My wife never had any history of ulcer to the best of my knowledge.  Why did the hospital take so much of time to react (5 days after surgery) when such a crucial thing like perforation has happened.  

6.        Was there any issue in the initial laparoscopic procedure which has caused the perforation?

7.        Careless attitude by hospital staff? – my wife sex was recorded as “Male” initially and corrected after I told them.   The staff was not even apologetic for this, he rather asked me “why didn’t you inform”.   Can’t he make out with the name Padma.   Think of it, if he has changed the blood group from A+ to B+; that is it!!

8.        Will anyone with basic common sense ask for high risk signature in front of the patient?  I was asked to sign just minutes before surgery in front of my wife.

9.        Is the hospital money minded?:  They were demanding money on gun point almost.
a.        Prior to the first surgery the cashier said please give Rs.30000/- more for him to give clearance for surgery

b.        When my wife going for second surgery I was told by the cashier again, please give Rs.60000/- for clearance for surgery

c.        The hospital charged more than what was told for initial laparoscopic, without even communicating to me increase in charges

d.        The final “bill” was just on letter head, without mention of currency, invoice number, etc.   I had to insist on a proper invoice later.

e.        I was given to understand that they even made arguments on ambulance charges to send my wife dead body back home.!! (making money on the dead body also)

10.        Why the hospital did not made me to talk to my wife when she gained consciousness after the second surgery?   If not anything else, I could have held her hand.  Even a criminal gets an opportunity to communicate his/her last wishes.   Am I or my wife worse than?

11.         FALSE reports – After all these hospital sends me false reports (on Jan 11, 2008 – three weeks after my wife’s death) :

a.        They had mentioned she had LSCS (caesarean section) and large scar due to LSCS.   When my wife delivered both the babies normally, how does one record as caesarean and how there will be scar when there was no caesarean?

b.        The hernia was mentioned “incisional hernia” – when there was no incision on her body how the hernia is categorised as incisional?  It was actually ventral hernia.  Don’t think one can replace any term with any term just like that!

c.        Most importantly, the surgery was performed on 16th Dec 2007, the report said 17th dec 2007

12.        MISSING REPORTS –  From the hospital records Doctors notes were missing for 16th and 17th Dec.   The first report is available for 17th Dec at 8:36pm.  How come there are no Doctors’ notes for about 36 hours after the surgery?   Isn’t it fishy?  Did something went wrong on the first laparoscopic procedure?

Our entire family is still mourning and trying to reconcile the fact that our Padma is no more.    My 7 year old son is aware that is Mom is not there, does he understand?  My 1 year old daughter is too young to know what has happened.   What will her questions be in future?

My sincere advice to all is

a)       Do not get carried away by advertisement / TV shows / big buildings
b)       Please do not rush
c)       Do your own due diligence, particularly when things are not an emergency
d)       Try and understand the medical terms, do research prior
e)       Please ask questions, at every stage.
f)         Don’t say “I can spend anything”
g)       Know patient rights
I am still not convinced that Padma has died after a ‘simple’ laparoscopic surgery?    I am deeply upset of what has happened to Padma and for what is happening to us.  What I could have done (or not done) which would have prevented this.  What is that we can do to prevent this in future for others!!!

Please join me in making awareness to others.   While India is trying to woo many international Customers in the name of ‘medical tourism’; first let the authorities make regulation on the health care system and take care of Indian people first.    

Read others experience as well 
Our medical system must understand the differences between MEDICINE – TREATMENT and HEALTHCARE.   What we get most of the time is medicine for the symptom while we need healthcare.   


Fast Forward

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faking adhimoolam, insulting all of us

August 11, 2008

Every day there are a couple of art shows going on in Chennai. A cause for celebration indeed! Art is appreciated, accepted, commercialized in the sense that it is now bought at fancy prices not for possessive pleasure but for a profitable investment profile! Good. 

When I ventured into making money out of art, 35 years ago, paintings  were sold but for peanuts. The big names could muster a couple of hundreds more than a novice who may have to sell at the price the buyer or the agent wanted. Now things have changed, the world is taking notice of Chennai Art. Hussein and Gujral, the Bengal masters, the Delhi-connected do still demand astronomical prices, but standing equally tall and important are some of the Chennai masters. Adhimoolam ,a pioneer, was one . He is no more

; therefore his paintings are even more valuable.

Anything  valuable runs the risk of being stolen. I would have been happy to know that thieves break in to steal a drawing or painting by adhi. If galleries report that they have insured his paintings in their custody for lakhs I would actually feel proud, but, now –

A reputed (?) gallery has taken a fake painting by some painter and tried to sell it on the net ( that is in public eye) as a painting by adhimoolam. The questions raised by the art fraternity are-

1.       Does the gallery not know what an original is and what a fake is?  If it cannot identify the work of a great artist, how does it evaluate the painting and price the same?

2.       If some artist wants to copy a master, it is considered fine, but if he is going to sign the picture in the master’s name it is a fraud.  Now having come to know the issue, what action has the gallery taken on the fake painter?

3.       From what I heard from anguished artists, the gallery has played odd in this issue. It has claimed the painting was sold/ returned to the painter/ destroyed  etc, when indignant family members and fellow artists approached them. This leads to the suspicion that the gallery aided and abetted  or even perpetrated the fraud.


Now, the artists have joined together and formed a forum to voice their grievances against the issue and also to form a protective body that would safeguard as well as defend their rights regarding creativity.

Copyright being a matter of academic acknowledgement in our country, the legal system pleads grey to this black situation. The existing laws being vague, cases are bound to be long drawn and perhaps inconclusive.

If we all become aware that artists and writers need to be acknowledged (and remunerated) for their works, maybe the system will soon change. I therefore use this blog to appeal to all (including those who buy pirated books on the platforms of Chennai) to just raise your voice in solidarity against this shameless vandalism of a gentleman-artist who is no more alive to be bemused(as he would have been).

Where do we register our protest? I frankly do not know. Maybe we can pick a magazine of our interest and write to them. Maybe we can get in touch with ravi Subramanian (poet-filmaker) or maruthu (artist) and ask them what to do next. they were present at and organising a meet regarding this issue. the forum is called `CHITRA EZUTHU’

this is an insult not only to the memory of the late adhimoolam, but to all of us. the greedy arrogance of the perpetrators of this crime is born out of their belief tht the public would never know what real art is. we need not be curators but we should never be offered spurious merchandise

the spirits, the murders

August 11, 2008

There were murders, done in dark and silent nights on the streets of Chennai. Nearly ten of them occurred in a spate of 30 days. Public, police and the press were on the prowl –each with their own agenda. And then, this news item appeared- not an obscure single column two inch `matter’ but a half-page colour feature!This is how the “news” appeared:

2 serial killers on prowl, say spirits
In a dimly-lit room in Triplicane, occult specialist Ravichandran invokes ‘friendly’ spirits through his medium. He shoots questions at the medium, a young woman and a student of occult studies, about the recent serial killings to which the city police are fervently trying to find answers.

“While the murders were committed by one person, he had an accomplice who watched the crimes and derived pleasure out of it,” said the young woman as she scribbled incoherently on a piece of paper like someone ‘possessed’.

After his brief interaction with the spirits, Ravichandran avers that the murderer targeted people belonging to the same profession. And he too had worked in the same line before developing an hatred for the job. “I got to know that the killer also suffered from partial mental imbalance. And in those moments, he had killed people,” Ravichandran told this newspaper.

Trying to unravel the ‘psycho’ killings is not the first police case that Vikravandi V. Ravicha ndran is handling. Policemen stuck with unsolvable cases are his regular visitors hoping that some unofficial and unconventional help will bring fresh clues to their cases. The spirits also informed Ravi that the ‘pyscho’ killer would murder one more person before being nabbed by the police. “But, the duo will be caught soon,” he said. When asked if the same person committed all the six murders, the spirits told Ravi that while the mentally deranged killer was responsible for four of the murders, two murders were thrust upon him.

Ravi is not the only consultant the police talk to. Other occult specialists and astrologers too give expert advice in solving major crimes. “When they hit a roadblock police officers approach me for advice,” a noted astrologer claimed.

The fee ranges from Rs 500 to a few thousands. And police admit that sometime a door opens for them, like when the astrologer insisted that a family member was involved in a burglary. “He was right,” said an inspector. Back in the ’70s, when an idol was stolen from the Ettumanoor temple in Kottayam district in Kerala, astrological predictions helped the police in tracking down the accused. Asked to look for ‘paper’ evidence, a page from a used notebook that was retrieved from the crime scene helped the cops to solve the crime.

(from DC:Chennai

This is what was reported in a reliably respectable news paper.

And in two weeks, the murderer has been nabbed! Much before committing another murder as predicted by the spirits! This stinking story, perhaps perfumed or incensed enough for spirit-traders, makes me wonder about the police and the frauds, not to mention the wonderful journalistic non-concern for truth.

The police have no business to enlist and pay for the services of these spirit-counsellors. But given the fact that we are a tolerant, embracing, multi-cultural society in which individual beliefs and sentiments are given a fair amount of respect, I do not think that it is wrong for the cop as an individual, in his own personal capacity- definitely not as a law and order officer, to have sought divine or devious interventions. But when the consultant claims that police call upon him to help to solve these cases, and that too in a newspaper, something must be done.

The policeman should be called for inquiry to ascertain whether he had pursued un-scientific means to do his job, and if found guilty appropriately punished by the (atheist-turned-agnostic-but –always-{though self-proclaimed}-rational) chief minister of Tamilnadu. If this were not true, the newspaper should tell gullible readers like me, whether the whole story was just a joke. They should find out more. It would really educate the public to know who gave this lead to the journalist. And, if my guess is right, and this is just a publicity stunt to boost a business, I hope that there is a possibility to punish someone for this.

My Confusions and concerns are increasing.So, the alleged `psycho’-killer finally has vanished. A petty thief with a penchant for smashing heads and burning bodies has been successfully `detected’. All of us (from the very common me to the CoP to the CM) can now have a good night’s sleep. I wonder why these puny young men wanted to take an auto-rickshaw, roam the streets at night, catch poor watchmen for looting their meager possessions, and kill the victims? The stories we were told by the media described how blunt weapons or stones were used to smash the skull and also some bodies were burnt. Such a vicious violent and perverted crime had been committed for how much money? Not even a couple of thousands!! So this is now supposed to be a `murder for gain’ thing, not a string of murders with no motive! We now have murderers and the motive, only clues are missing! Ofcourse proofs may surface albeit from the masterminds of supercops.If the lie of the spirit-consultant becomes true by a freak accident, and if some more hapless people happen to get killed in a similar fashion, then? I shudder to think of the scene. With absolutely no shame or guilt our officials will tell us the hunt is on. Newspapers will create exciting stories. The search will be on, while the accused will be ignored and left in some corner of an asylum or jail –after all that is what happened to the first `nab’ by the police in this serial killing fiasco. The mentally ill person was rightly sent to the institute of mental health, Chennai, where he will be under observation! The only right thing done in that case!Regarding spirits later.

the last/latest i read about this thing is that there are seven guys going around killing- info allegedly given by the CoP Chennai! between the `catch’ and the `news’ there were Masha Allah no killings!!


Fast Forward

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