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2012 first day

January 1, 2012

It is another day, yet not just.

Calendars have changed their headings, so have celebrates this day; welcomes it with warmth, brandy for some and beer for some, smiles automatically extend lips that always lie, everyone wants to wish the other a ‘happy new year’..whatever that happiness is.

Happiness though  being a totally subjective phenomenon is often used as a projective weapon on the willing sacrificial goats.Go to a wedding and wish the couples, go to a client whom you have just cheated enough to sell a senseless concept, go to a party or a meeting…to strangers, friends, family… You get so used to “wishing happiness”, it is just a matter of time before you don’t mean what you say.

Wishing happiness!!! The greatest farce of emotive intelligence! (If ever that façade of social necessity really is erected not just in minds).

‘Have a happy whatever’ simply means, “let me tell you I sort of care and am sort of interested in you…Well not exactly you, but in our transaction”. Apparently ok. But where does ‘happiness’ fit in? And, by the way whose happiness?

It is elementary business sense that to do a profitable business the buyer or the client has to be in a good frame, rather a happy frame of mind. So it actually means, “Oh god, let this person be happy so that he takes in what I give or say or want”. Wishing someone something is never unselfish, for when you wish you express that you need, and though your need need not be an accumulation or an acquirement, it can simply be a mood state that you temporarily desire- yes, a wish is always a desire, primarily all desires are yours. If your desires are allegedly someone else’s then it is your desire for a masochistic martyrdom.

Coming back to wishing, and that too on a day made memorable by all the clocks and calendars of the world, let me join the chorus in wishing each other a happy new year. We do need each other, after all we all live together here in this world. Be happy, it will make me happy, albeit ultimately.