the story and the god…

In the beginning, there was perhaps a word, the word that was a sound which inspired meanings. And then, the words ought to have coalesced to form more meanings, more descriptions and more questions. Later on would have come the fables, and fictionalized dictates that donned the garb of parables. However they may have come into existence in a flash or in a formal evolution, these little stories have one meta-story that questions all meta-questions which are so much in fashion in philosophical quests. Thus begins my question, who narrated to the first narrator?


Gods, demons, spirits and superhumans were obviously figments of an apprehension or an appreciation of one’s apperception of incapacity, awe or fervent desire. But to designate the designs of destiny to an intelligent arbitration did perhaps needed a form that was more fathomable to the uninitiated. Thus maybe the first fable would have been created and disseminated, but then before going into the use of the fable as a parable, I am intrigued by the mysterious original mythigator(!). Why would he have wanted to spin a yarn in the beginning?

Going by the historicity of parables in preaching, one can understand that the carpenter in Jesus needed these little quickies to encapsulate his ideas for easy digestion. So would have been the case with the illiterate Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. But, not so with the Buddha, who perhaps was the first (subject to correction in future) to use parables; he was a prince with probably hired bed-time sleep-promoters who would have inevitably resorted to retelling all the stories that they would have heard in their childhood. Again, at this point, what was the first story/

It may not be possible to identify the first story teller or the first story-maker, but would it not be interesting to try to identify the first story? Since all stories give a clue to the author and the author’s milieu, would it not be interesting to find out what indeed was the first story, however short it may have been?

I wonder. I wonder if the first story was God.

The first story could not have been about god, its blessings and curses, valor and incarnations; it must have been the very utterance of the noun ‘GOD’. Is god a eureka or a tragicomedy? Why on earth did that person ever think of the thing that came to be called GOD?

Was it ever a story about god in the beginning or god as the beginning of the story? Was the narrator the meta-creator who went willingly or unknowingly into the mystic never ending cycle that made the creation of the creator a cacophony containing a symphony?





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7 Comments on “the story and the god…”

  1. Jeevanandam.,S Says:

    Dear Sir: – Normally I’m always struggle to understand the content and writing of yours. But I inspired your way of writing. Particularly I enjoyed this article and content which you discussed in it.

  2. Umasree Says:

    Yes, where did it all start? We are talking about the end, the climate change, global warming, famine in the 21st century, uncontrolled vandalism and crime, wars, struggles and every possible human struggle today…….but where it all started and who gave us this concept of God! Is it Nature? Then what is faith…what are beliefs? Why religions, gods and intolerance? Keeping the large universe aside for a minute and thinking of one single individual entity, it all starts and ends in dust…then why this long threading between the two poles…… As you said, the formal evolution happened, happens and will happen ever…how did we remember Rama, Budda, Alexandar and Jesus Christ in the non digital, non – global world…Time had been the best story teller…and we are carry the morals, the truths and the past to our future generations in the stories we tell to our younger folks,,,,,but is the new revolution of the digital evolution going to let this continue in a traditional way …and will the time still continue to be a greatest story teller,……god only knows!

  3. Suresh Says:

    Dear Doctor,
    You said “It may not be possible to identify the first story teller or the first story-maker, but would it not be interesting to try to identify the first story?

    According to our ancient seers the God-The story-maker and this universe-his story is anadhi (beginingless) and ananth (without end). Sri Sri says it is like a tennis ball where you can’t find a beginning and an end. Linear thinking ( logical, Western mind) demands that the God/Universe should have a start and end date. Spherical thinking (Intuitive, Eastern mind) is comfortable with the tennis ball example that I have given. Moreover to access physical universe logical mind is needed but for realms beyond physical we need Intuitive capabilities. As Osho & Jaggi says to survive we need to take help of logical mind but to love others we need intuitive ability. You can’t explain love but you can experience it. Ancient seers have experience this truth and gave us this knowledge.

    With love and Regards
    Suresh Babu

  4. Arunkumar Says:

    I am very much interest to read your articles,if u write in simple english easy to understand,

    • Arun, I agree with you to an extent. Many scholars and learned people write in a style that many of us today find it a little difficult to follow. Believe me, Dr. Rudhran’s style of writing is far simple compared to many whom I have tried to understand and miserably failed. HA!

      I am not sure, if we should request them to write in simple English or equip ourselves to understand their voracious vocabulary and unique style. 🙂

  5. This article of yours makes me question what was the first thing on Earth that caused the, “Emotion of Fear”, in us humans. In the words of my dad, ‘In the ancient world, Humankind worshiped things it feared’. Ancient cultures like ours have a variety of Gods starting from Snakes. Makes sense to me! Later on, the conceptualization of an all-powerful entity came into being as a ‘Protector’ and tons of stories were spun around it. However, it looks like the initial choice of humans after fighting a fearful thing was ‘Submission’ The key points, I notice here are ‘Fear, Power and Submission’. Ah! Lots of thoughts are running around in my tiny brain. Looks like this needs a dedicated session to ponder upon. Thanks for the thought-provoking topic. May be I will ramble and scribble as well on it, sometime!

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