Off the writing block!

I have been silent for nearly five weeks; not in the absolute silent state that is considered a spiritual enhancement, but filled with words that were flitting in and out of every moment, vanishing before the nib touches the paper or the finger taps an alphabet.

Life enters a dream state when complacency sets in. When you need not watch the clock, when you need not nod in acknowledgment, when you need not even say you need not have to say, life switches on its dream mode. To remain content, unconcerned and casual, is the dream that is the basic canvass on which all our actions, toils, spoils, desires, wins and losses are painted. We keep doing, doing anything and ascribing meaningfulness to it, just to be in the circuit called living. We keep creating work since work postpones the dream. When dream is no more a dream but a boring reality, we start losing not just the count of minutes but even the number of words we have collected.Words however, just hover around like hungry stray dogs, waiting for your gesture of kindness or cruelty, to wag at or bite you.

Words are indispensable, but expressions are always optional. The style and the polish in expression need not show an erudite enlightenment, it could be a fear that needs to extensively powder-coat the naked honesty of raw words relating to real emotions. And, sometimes it is that fear of uttering which invites silence. I was silent with neither fear nor desire, nothing spiritual or musical; just happened to become silent. I had nothing to say, though there were many ears to listen and many more eyes to read. If silence is born out of redundant words, then silence dies with the burden of unfinished sentences in the mind. In the dream of life, words become the only meaningful symbols of existence.

Words get condensed when life encounters its dream. Words, like dreams become just a minimalistic representation of the underlying thoughts. Words however are necessary. Even in silence one mulls over words, unwritten, unspoken but well-formed. To be silent and to become silent are considered mystically and spiritually higher planes of evolvement, yet even silence is full of words. Every gaze, every smell, every touch and every sound becomes a word in silence. In silence is a word formed and when the word is born, silence dies. To celebrate the death of silence or to mourn for its loss depends on the word and its deflections on the environment.

Is silence enjoyable? Silence being so noisy in solitude cannot be the joyful pause between notes in symphony. It can be a pain, a burden. But we always get used to pain in life. We pretend to like burdens in life. And if so, is silence a sign of depression? Is it a way of saying things that ought to and at the same time not to be said? Why and when do we become silent? If ears are deaf and eyes blind around you, then perhaps silence is the mind’s way of protecting its pride and echoing itself into a narcissistic bliss. Is silence a manifestation of actualization? When we actualize we do not feel pain. We know what pain is, and we negate that pain. We refuse to acknowledge its reality. We glorify the cross so that it can be safely put in an altar into which we may not enter to get nailed.

Silence, like the mythical writer’s block, is a block over which life tumbles. Unless the block is created by the self in a protective act, a block is an accident that shall, even if not fracturing your structural concepts, cause bruises and scars on your carefully nurtured texture of self-worth. One of the ways suggested to get off the writer’s block is to write about the writing block! Using the same technique the best way to overcome the stumbling block of silence that creeps into your life is to even silently sulk about the silence. Words have a cumulative effect on silence. They will metamorphose themselves out of the self-spun cocoon. And, when the time comes for the words to come out as sounds and letters, they would have changed a lot from their raw state. They may appear beautiful and they may even inspire others, but deep inside, your words would become alien to yourself.

This is just an attempt by me to jump off my imagined writer’s block and break the shackles of my self-imposed, though not desired, silence. One of my friends who always calls me when my blog is published will surely ask me “why did you write this? And what are you writing about?” my answer shall be “just like that”, for i have been silent too long, not quiet!

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5 Comments on “Off the writing block!”

  1. Umasree Says:

    Dr Rudhran,

    Knowingly or unknowingly, you became an integral part of my life, where I talk to you, in silence sometimes, just recollecting the few instances that I had to meet you in person with regard to my husband’s illness. Mystically, you have woven words recreating the ideology of how silence gives us the utmost happiness at times,and how the same silence becomes daunting otherwise. As a writer, I also come through several times, where the block is so immense, that we struggle to find words, irrespective of the fact that our emotions are over pouring and thoughts are storming our mind without an solace. Your every line reflects the inner conscious self of an individual’s whose life revolved around handled weird and verstalite emotions of human life and its constant endevour to control our minds, if not our souls altogether. Keep writing Dr., for there are people like me who follow you diligently and learn alot, from the indepthness of your posts, which otherwise is subtle to the ordinary people around.

  2. Madhavan Says:

    “”And, when the time comes for the words to come out as sounds and letters, they would have changed a lot from their raw state. They may appear beautiful and they may even inspire others, but deep inside, your words would become alien to yourself.””

    Are you saying this because the words (or sounds) are out from you now?? As you said, what you have written is just beautiful!!!!

  3. srini Says:

    Silence as you put it is in a manner is not a fulfilling explanation. Neither are you giving any explanation. You delivered what your mind is speaking about silence. Silence is a word, there is no vacuum in your mood (thats what i feel – but may be you have). Why your thoughts are so deviating, there is no pattern? As you said there is a difference between silence and being quiet. (External – Internal).

  4. Hickson Says:

    What you have narrated here is not silence.Rather Noise..Noise of the Mind.Pure silence is witnessed in an awareness state.There is only an observer at this state.Some people term it as blissfullness but afterall its just another word people cling on to.

  5. Kavitha Says:

    “Words are indispensable, but expressions are always optional” ah… your eloquence! I thank my sister for introducing your blog.

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