What the frock? -misspelt ( as in this word)

Misspelt? ( as in this word?)

Misspelling is allowed in English, and cricket is very English! So, IPL need not mean Indian! It is just cricket- the most important activity of the country, the indispensable duty of the citizens, and the source of food, education and national pride!

Though I do not believe that the general election in India is going to send worthy members of the society to handle the affairs of the country in the parliament, though I do feel frustrated that my choice is not going to be the best of the best but from the better of the bad, though I feel that 49(O) is just an option to satisfy my social itch without impacting the party-based vote banks, though I have lost faith and respect in this ‘democratic’ process, I cannot accept a private entertainment company talking tough to the home minister, and threatening to take the show to some other country, and the media going into their live-latest-breaking-reporting histrionics on an issue that is at best an entertainment played out for big money. Lalit Modi would have been happy if the election dates were rescheduled to accommodate the cricket carnival that he plans to hold. This election must happen at least to stop cunning clowns from throwing their weight around. The other Modi naturally is offering security for the games to happen in his home country!

The Gujarat’s Modi, perhaps has learnt over the years the art and trick of providing security to people, unlike a few years earlier when masses were massacred while he was at the helm of affairs. Perhaps being a political bigwig, he can selectively secure some selfish interests. And, P.Chidambaram has been suave and slippery from the beginning not going tough on the organizers who had actually challenged the government by stating they would manage their own security and declaring with pomp and arrogance that the show would go on without any rescheduling of dates.

Now the show is going to go on, in another country! I am supposed to be upset and angry that the government is giving more importance to its constitutional commitment than cricket! No one yakking their head off in every channel that invades my television set wants to ask lalit modi and ipl to shut up and listen to the government. No one is asking them to cut the tournament short and get it over in a few days. It is now pretentiously portrayed as a loss to India, a shame to India that cricket cannot be played when elections are going to be held.

So what if some games are not played on some days? The average TV viewer would still get his dose of expert comments on the politico-democratic game show the great general election. There would be live scrolls telling the scores that the parties had managed. There would be speculations on the shameless ‘alliance-maths’ that would inevitably be needed to have some government at the centre. There would be jokes aplenty on strategic partnerships and lofty principles. There is bound to be a thrilling suspense till the new prime minister is elected and sworn in. so, what is the common man losing? He still is going to see a thriller, with enough comedy interludes and brilliant though stale performances- is cricket necessary at this point?

A private entertainment company is daring the government of India, and no one remembers the word- sovereignty. There was blatant defiance and a brutal disregard for the concerns of the ruling government in the statements made by the entertainment-organizer. Some people have been taken to task for talking much less! I neither see nor hear any words that ask the entertainment company to shut up and wait, instead there are murmurs that cricket is indeed a national passion. Cricket is also being touted as a religion. Is cricket supposed to provide the opioid effect of religion? Well, in this pseudo-democratic self-centered clan-oriented political milieu perhaps cricket is indeed the opium of the masses that has to be peddled even by our law makers and caretakers!

If cricket matches are shifted to South Africa, we are supposed to be the losers. If the elections are not held, we are supposed to be the losers. When are we supposed to become winners? When we rush to vote and come back home to chew the ink marked nail and watch a match- which too can be fixed?

The ‘patriotic’ Mallya, who bid and won to bring back Gandhi’s personal belongings that were being auctioned in another country, is a willing party to shifting the game show to another country. No need to give respect to the country’s democratic duty bound process! The ‘I love India’ sloganeering soldiers on cricket field too would be participating- even if they had to be in their streets on the Election Day to cast their (even if useless) ballot!

Voting is supposed to be not just your right but also your duty as an Indian. But then, cricketers and their managers, their sponsors and their bosses once again have blatantly declared to us that they are not equal among equals. They have their own rules and priorities. They are stars and superiors. We would subscribe to this view once again by gaping at the small screen for hours together, for weeks together.

Even if there is a (god forbid) war in which India has to be engaged, even then these guys would look for alternate venues to keep playing their games. They know what is important to them. They also know how to sell that importance to us. We consume crap most willingly. We will be provided more and more of it, till we say we can’t take it anymore.

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9 Comments on “What the frock? -misspelt ( as in this word)”

  1. me1084 Says:

    Imagine someone need to shout that this is outrageous. This is how our society has become, just like opium infected China of yesteryear.
    Don’t miss this cartoon though it’s open for interpretations.

  2. WillNotReveal Says:

    Sir, wanted to thank you, your words are proving to be very helpful (i have met you in your clinic a few times) though not relevant to the topic of discussion…thought i should let you know the good work you are doing thank you…

  3. Srithar.A Says:

    As long as cricket fans ( cracks) are in india in millions, definitely even home minister will not talk boldly against the cricket organiser fearing that they may invite the ire of fans which ultimately end up with their election prospects. Being a psychiatrist , you have any treatment for this cricket craks sir.

  4. R.Sriram Says:

    Well blame Modi, blame IPL, blame Vijay Mallaya, even blame the common man watching cricket.

    But what about the man who is both in the government as well in the private entertainment company who is party to most of the decisions. Will he ever be blamed. When he should be fixing the farmers suicide issues, he is fixing matches(I meant tournaments). Why nothing is said about him.

  5. naren Says:

    a well thought out write up sir. I still have learned people with me crying who are they to decide if i need elections or cricket?

  6. gsalvadi Says:

    Which one would fetch instant money?

    constitutional commitment or cricket?

    They way things go on in ……ism

  7. Dr.P.Anandhan Says:

    Vanakkam sir. Your student psychiatrist anandhan: I am not able understand modi-mallaiya-IPL-related discussion. Sir,are you noted DMK candidates? 1.tuticorin-Dr.S.R.jeyadurai
    2.Ramnad-J.K.Rithish 3.madurai-M.K.alagiri. I trust regular readers of tamildailys,weekly magazines had seen Dr.S.R.jeyadurai advertisements for “infertility, osteo-arthritis,asthma-sinus”. One of myFriend;a leading tamil weekly reporter told that he(jayadurai) is spending ten laks per week for advertisement and earning onecrore per week by selling “legiyam”. I shocked.
    His qualification is Bsc,diploma in yoga. He claimed himself in his advertisement that he is siddha-ayurvedha-unani-naturopathy expert. “ENNA KODuMA SIR Idhu???? KaligarKarunanithi did surgey in srmc for joint problem. Why he didn’t consult expert DMK S.R.jayadurai. Whether he send kanimozhi,kayalvizhi to him for infertility treatment. Sir en reettham kothikkuthu sir. He may become central health minister tomorrow. And he will become a owner of a medical college in pondicherry. 75 yrs “poduvalvu” karunanithi thought we are all fool. I pray god he should die after he lost his CM post. He should burried in kannamapet electrical “sudukadu”. Otherwise marinabeach get infected with antisocial adma. Anandhan

    • kelly Says:

      sir i am an asthmatic patient and i thought of going to Jeyadurai’s hospital for asthma treatment.plz give me a suggestion for asthma treatment because
      i am really suffering from asthma.Thank u!

  8. me1084 Says:

    Dr.P.Anandhan, we empathise with your anguish. And ya, what we are able to deliver other than empathising?

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