On Osho ?

There have been many readers of this blog who wanted me to write about Osho.

In the beginning  when he was alive,I was influenced by the media to be very much prejudiced against him. Later, after reading him, I developed an avid fascination- almost akin to a fan’s wide-eyed wonder; now, after years of reading- and perhaps after visiting his ashram/resort (whatever those in-charge-now call it), I am re-examining my admiration, not merely because i did not like the resort that is run in his name.

I would like to place on record here that my friend and fellow-psychiatrist Dr.J.Bhoomikumar, was the one who made me understand my prejudice and overcome the same by making me read one of the early books by Rajneesh- and the first book i read was ‘Nirvana- the last nightmare’- this is for those many who have constantly asked me how i got onto him!

If there is one person I have to name who introduced me to many ideas and authors, it is OSHO. I am indebted to him for making me read more, learn more and at times even think more on a variety of topics. When I think of him now, after reading nearly 120 books by him, I am still amazed. I cannot but admire the intelligence of the man. As I begin to write these lines, a few words inevitably crop up in my mind- prejudice, honesty, brilliance, deterioration, dilution….. Let me use just these key words to record my impression (in 2009) on the great man.

For those who are new to Osho, whom I always have preferred to call Rajneesh, a hint on his works. In the beginning he was known as Acharya Rajneesh. He was absolutely brilliant, intense and with a special fire that can only be kindled by a passion for search. The works that he produced in that period were phenomenal. And, then he became Bhagwan Rajneesh. This was the time when he began to make things easier for those who sought. Though he had been talking of Zen, Tao, Upanishads earlier, all works authored under the name Bhagwan, were easy for people to relate and understand. The books that came under the authorship of Bhagwan Rajneesh will serve for many more generations as introductory texts to the world of the world that is supposed to be within. Those books can make you yearn for more knowledge or information. Those books are capable of lingering in your mind atleast a few days after closing them. It was as Bhagwan that he reached his heights in popularity. It was this name that prompted him to create the slogan-“jesus saves, bhagwan spends“. It was as bhagwan that he was considered a failure for the first time (refer the book-‘bhagwan: the god that failed’ written by one of his disenchanted disciples). As controversies and cases piled up against him, he wanted to be called Osho, for some strange reason that he never disclosed. The name that still stands today was his final title, self-designed as always. The books authored by Osho are in comparison to his earlier works, rather dilute, and deliberate. It is unfortunate that a new reader would not be able to distinguish these different periods from the book covers. His ‘ashram’ now publishes and reprints everything under the name Osho. To help a new reader, I would suggest reading Krishna (written as Bhagwan) and War and Peace (written as Acharya). One of the books to check in comparison would be Socrates-poisoned again (authored as Osho). This would give anyone an idea of his metamorphosis in expression.

The two books I would recommend to a new reader are-1. The Messiah (on Khalil Gibran’s Prophet) and 2.Nirvana, the last nightmare (on Zen). Vignyan bhairav tantra, called by Rajneesh as the secret of secrets, is an invaluable treatise on the art of meditation. Or if you choose to read, go by topics- Sufism, Bauls,Christianity, Upanishads, Tantra,Zen, Tao,literary mystics.. The list is vast. One has to be cautious nowadays because the current publishers rename, change name and sometimes edit and compile old books with new titles.

From what I have written above, it must be obvious that I have a respectful fascination for this person. The topics by their number and the vastness in range always leave an onlooker astounded. A closer look however, gives rise to certain questions and discomfort.

Though his intelligence is beyond dispute, his integrity has always been a subject of discussion.But then, with his quick wit, he had always been able to silence, atleast temporarily, the questioning skeptics. I am willing to overlook his hoarding of cars and flamboyance of attire and attitude, but I cannot help wondering whether his claims of earlier incarnations were mystical in nature, or with the market in the mind. That he had been contradicting himself in his books is a fact that he had acknowledged with his customary élan. The contradictions between his professed wisdom and his lifestyle are just too glaring to be overshadowed by his self-profused glow of quasi-divinity.

I could be prejudiced now too, as I was in the beginning. Then, I was influenced by the media, now I am possibly influenced by the way those guys run his institution. This perhaps is the right time to record my experience and observations of the ‘place’ in Pune.

Despite being one of the early few in Tamilnadu who kept talking on and urging others to read Rajneesh, despite the fact that I had personally known some of his disciples/followers who had been with him during his lifetime and at the helm of affairs after his death, despite repeated invitations in the early 1990s, I had desisted visiting his ashram. Perhaps I had a subconscious fear that I may break my own little fancy doll. It was only in December 2008 I stepped into his institution, as an average Indian and a common man.The experience made me numb.

There is a preferential treatment. There is a transparent sale tag in all the introductions. There is falseness in the initiation into meditation, and there is an unmistakable arrogance in the attitude. I had gone the first day, and gone through all the compulsory (though unnecessary in my opinion) routines- which included watching a video which was trying to teach how and how not to blow one’s nose! By the time the compulsory introduction was over, it was lunch time. Then we had to eat, browse the store, and walk around getting the feel of the place in which a great man lived. Since it was evening we decided to come back the next day.All those hours spent there did not tell us one little thing- that the next morning things would be different! On arriving at the reception the second morning, we (around twenty people) were told that there were no daily passes (tickets) and we had to buy a ticket for the next five days or so. this decision had been taken the previous night when all those who wanted to visit again were sleeping or praying for a second darshan! As I had work to do and also had booked my return flight the next day I (like many other Indians there) wanted them to consider that I may be allowed to just buy a single day pass – the reply was, “let me see your ticket”. Shamelessly, I asked whether showing that ticket would entitle a single day entry, and the answer was, ” can’t tell, we will see..” That was it. I did not feel like talking to them. It was their place, their show. They can sell daily or season tickets. they can make, break or change thier rules.They can charge you for even using their toilets if they want, but the price of visiting the place again was self-respect. It was not the extra few hundred rupees that were going to be paid, it was the attitude that made me wince. I could not afford to part with my most valued asset, my self-respect. Does this mean Rajneesh is bad? How can he be responsible for what his current followers do? Well, I can say Rajneesh being good or bad cannot be decided by how badly his current gang behaves, but these are the guys who are supposed to show him to the new world, and going by what he had implied in one of his grandiose declarations that he is eternal, and his spirit is eternal, his spirit is certainly not managing the institution well.

Just because I had a bad experience in the place, I am not going to decry or denounce his intellectual contribution to the literature in that genre. I reiterate that my respect for the many wonderful things that I had learnt from this brilliant teacher, remains undiluted. It, however, is just respect for a teacher, not surrender to a master.

Rajneesh still can be useful for the new generation. They can get introduced to many concepts and ideologies through his books. He can be (as is happening currently) a vital source for newer guru-performers. His books can make wonderful reference material for any aspiring guru to speak, as though with authority. He has listed and elaborated more than a hundred meditation techniques- enough to tempt and create another hundred aspiring gurus. there are bound to be many who would like to say that he is their ultimate guru. (i am reminded of a conversation i had with Jayakanthan on guru, in which he admonished me for calling him ‘one’ of my gurus; he then advised me to not declare any living person as my guru since they may, before dying,  leave me shame-faced. Maybe one cannot rush to call even a dead teacher a guru!)

A teacher is necessary. A master is optional, however attractive the option be, it is an option- a desire not a need. i find a lot of youngsters swayed by the marketing-media-blitz, ‘saying’ they want a master.if they believe in god, may that god forbid an entrapment. no one can be your master if you master your desires.

i tell those who come to me these things that need to be told to me, often- (and this is what i learnt from him)

  1. When you know thyself, there is no ‘thy’ self;  is or can there be another, without your wish/permission ?
  2. Read to know, to get acquainted, to learn- but never surrender to the author.
  3. and above all, be yourself, forever. in a societal  obligation, you may lie- but be aware of the lie. tomorrow, your mirror should not spit at you.

I acknowledge with gratitude his contribution to my growth- in the intellectual arena, but, if I were to seek or traverse the mystic path of spiritual enlightenment, he is not the master- for me. He is not a sour grape. He is a grape that had served its part in the digested wine.

oh! show goes on! what if some fans have moved away!!

*for those who would like a psychiatrist’s perspective of Rajneesh, I recommend the book ‘Feet of Clay’ by Anthony Storr.

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68 Comments on “On Osho ?”

  1. Amrutha Says:

    Thank you Doctor

  2. rudhran Says:

    thanks amrutha, i have been reading again and again, trying to reframe many sentences in this blog, unlike in the past. maybe i still have a soft corner to become soft.

  3. Jerry Says:

    Your analysis is very good. I am a Christian priest and researcher in theology who tries to think different from the usually treaden path. And I must say that at times your thoughts are like a mirror. I am led to the mirror and realise that your thoughts sometimes reflect my own. But our thoughts remain in our mind unless it is put down somewhere for others to read. Great writing. Keep going.

  4. durai Says:

    thank u dr.if it is in tamil it s v good to understand for me thank u once again

  5. Srinivas Says:

    thank u Dr. i too have bad experience on my first visit way back in 1995 or so. But when i had first darshan of him in evening meditation (wearing white robes) i just lost myself, the feeling seeing him on screen, the way osho was speaking, it mesmerized me.
    I heard of lots of changes in Ashram or resort but one thing is sure he was the Modern Buddha but time and again world has missed this great soul. Its ironic that whenever the Buddha is among us we never recognized him but after his departure we sing hymns of him and start worshipping them. To add further in praise of Osho :

    If there were a competition to decide who is the 20th century’s a) most voracious reader; b) most prolific author; and c) assembler of the largest personal library, India would have a candidate. His name is Osho, a spiritual leader, who attained, before his death in 1990, a substantial following both in India and the West. India’s esteem for Osho can be measured by the fact that he is one of only two authors whose entire works have been placed in the Library of India’s National Parliament in New Delhi. The other is Mahatma Gandhi.

  6. zen99 Says:

    It is sad to say that it is always the intellectuals who miss Osho, perhaps it’s because he’s so simple and so clear and the intellectual is so lost in his own intellectual crap. What to do with these idiots.

  7. Anitha Says:

    I was a wide reader of Osho books. Now, i buy his monthly magazine. Sad to hear the detached arrogance at his abode.

    Yep, we need to have just teachers but not masters. And yes, read books with a detached attitude.

    Very nice post.

  8. senthilvel Says:

    I have been reading your blog. I have read your books which u wrote in tamil.

    Its nice to communicate to u through ur blogs.

    \\Read to know, to get acquainted, to learn- but never surrender to the author\\

    I read osho, it gave me sort of insight in my peceptions about sex. then I moved to J.Krishnamurthi, and now he is the person who moved me a lot.i learnt to die every moment and take rebirth every moment.and the yathra continues,,,,,

    its nice to read ur writings in ur blog. I would like and request u to write in tamil also in ur blogs

    And thank u very much for coming in to my blog and ur greetings about my poem sathurangam really made me pleasure and motivating.

    thank u very much sir,

  9. Swami Satya Vedant(Dr.Vasant Joshi) Says:

    Dear Dr.Rudhran,
    Appreciated reading your blog forwarded to me by a friend.I can understand how you felt about your visit. As for your views/impressions/judgments about Osho,they show a mixed assessment though mainly based on an intellectual perception(nothing wrongin it,but not helpful either).

    There are points on which I may be able to share my understanding as Osho’s disciple.But for now,please allow me to reflect on your statement, “From what I have written above, it must be obvious that I have a respectful fascination for this person. The topics by their number and the vastness in range always leave an onlooker astounded. A closer look however, gives rise to certain questions and discomfort.”

    Intellect brings “fascination” a seeker’s heart brings transformation.Indeed,Osho IS vast but he is basically a compasionate reminder, a concerned educator,a shining Sun which we cannot see directly but we can certainly see realities in its light clearly.

    If indeed one can have a “closer look” at a given reality no question can ever survive because as one SEES ‘That Which Is’ the question/questions dissolve.
    A Master SHOWS That Which Is while a teacher teaches about it — and this makes a vast difference between a teacher and a Master.A teacher has not seen it but has just known about it; a Master has not only seen but he/she can also show it so that it becomes our Knowing and not just part of our accumulated Knowledge.Hence a genuine Master such as Osho’s work is essentially that those who come close to him become capable of Seeing/Knowing/Transforming and thus eventually becoming one’s own Guide…one’s own Master.

    I trust you will kindly forgive me for this rather lengthy sharing.

    I send you my loving regards and very best wishes.


  10. Srithar.A Says:

    Respected sir,

    I dont know much about osho or his philosophy. But the way in which it is written by you about osho, it tempts me to look at some of the books suggested by u. More than any thing else, I am wondering that yourself being a reputed very busy psychiatrist, How your goodself finds time to read and post all this valuable interesting message in this website. This reiterates the Proverb “where there is a will, there is a way”.

  11. Deepa Says:

    Great post. Yes, even I have heard that the institution does nothing to credit Osho’s name. It’s mostly for snobbish and stinking-rich westerners.

    I was introduced to Osho’s teachings some eight years ago. I listened to few of his discourses (Playfulness, Maturity, and Guilt) and was a great fan for some time.
    I should say that his thoughts imbibed in me a sort of recklessness towards life, but at the same time, the responsibility that comes along with indulging in recklessness! 🙂 I really don’t know how to put it properly.

    I will certainly try to remember those three points, you have mentioned.

  12. VAS Says:

    Dear Dr.Rudhran,
    Good post and analysis. I happened read ur article in Vinanvu and was curious to know your blog and hence i landed here. As you rightly pointed out, like you, even i was also deeply engrossed in his discourses/writings. But when i moved to J.Krishnamurthy and looking back OSHO discourses one questionn keeps erupting in my mind and this question was raised by none other than JK “Can u look at your past with deep silence?”. well, i do admire OSHO discourses and he was also made me to read different texts(tantra,zen,sufisim. But to me, i love to travel in the path of JK’s intellectual journey. One this is important in JK,is till his death he totally against institiutions and conditioning of mind. JK is against establishing mutt/ashram/commercial activities. JK was upset and dissppointed in his last days, as his secretary D.Rajagopal was instrumental in publishing his books for commercial purpose. Well, osho and JK taken different roads that was less travelled…….More importantly, JK had detail discussions with intellectuals from different fields like nuclear scientist, Doctor, Fiction writer etc…These debates/discussions is very thought provoking. I am not undermining osho’s contributions but the intellectual journey what JK taught(?) me is something outstanding..

  13. Surya Says:

    Thanx Dr.

    Osho was always outstanding.
    At last done..

    “Manisha” Enough for the day….

  14. Kandhasamy Says:

    This post sure wow-ed me !!!
    Amazing write-up !!! Such a clarity !!!

    Thank you, Dr. You have won an admirer along the way 🙂

    Such a pleasure reading your thoughts.

  15. rathna Says:

    Dear Sir,

    This post is wonderful narration of Osho, through your writing I clearly understood who’s Osho and what is the benefit of reading his books, regarding ashram and its management also very useful information.

    Surely am benefited (knowledge) by this blog, thanks Sir.

  16. shanmughapriyan Says:

    //If there is one person I have to name who introduced me to many ideas and authors, it is OSHO.//

    Osho is my ever-inspiring author.As I started reading your article,I inevitably expacted an analyasis of one of my most favourite authors from a Psychiatrist’s point of view.That is to say how his sinner mind worked and all.
    However the artcle did not fail to fascinate me as any other artile related to my beloved OSHO, even though it is of a comman man’s usual complaining nature.Thank you Dr. for sharing your openness of views.

  17. durai Says:

    dear dr plz aarrange to write in tamil abt ur osho s writtings

  18. uma shakthi Says:

    Dear Rudran,Good Post. “and above all, be yourself, forever. in a societal obligation, you may lie- but be aware of the lie. tomorrow, your mirror should not spit at you.” I love osho and keep reading his works. His book on Tantra, views on Bhagawad Gita and Dhammapada are my altime faves. Your write up is flawless and it gives immense pleasure of text..thanQ doctor….

  19. Hickson Says:

    Through osho i got to know various authors like eckhart tolle(indirectly,not through his books),nietzche,khalil gibran and a bundle of others.I feel there is a lot of prejudice about osho.
    Some people start hating osho because some of his friend spoke ill of him.Thats what our society has become,too judgemental and neurotic too in various regards.
    The word spirituality has mostly been mis-represented as celebacy and many of these modern gurus portray themselves superior to others which they never are..
    More n More People are aware of these kind of fake people and stay away from them..thanks to world wide web..

  20. Bhoomi Says:

    Hello Rudran! Thanks for the acknowledgment. Its a priledge to have shared Osho with you.

    Only rare person like you can “sense/realize the smell of karpuram!”

    Long time No-SEE!!

    Affectionately yours,


  21. Kranti Says:

    To Dr Rudran and all the people who posted comments

    Want to share few words

    There is a vast diffrence between approaching Osho with Love ( As a master ) and approaching him as an intellectual or ‘a good reader of books ‘or ‘ another author ‘ . The very approach decides whether you will understand his message or not.. It makes all the difference. The approach of mind has its limitations and but safe..The appraoch of heart has danger but it goes far beyond than what the head can imagine

    I never met Osho..although i had my invitations in the 1980s.. which i belive are invitaions from master.. I am in LOVE with Osho…I have only tears to express my love

    Pune resort may have its limitaions as an organization. every organization has limitations.But Keeping alive Osho’s work without the same becoming another cult or religion and ensuring that his vision is shared with as many people as possible is not an ordinary responsibility.. If Osho is being read and listened by millions of people all over the world then it was due to tiresless efforts of the Pune resort. Every single time i go the pune resort and comeback i comeback in BLISS. It all depends on the openess with which we see

    P.S: Dr.Rudran Sir.. I have met you once when i accompanied someone who needed help.. We did touched Osho’s name mildly.. Hope to meet you someday again.

    With Love

    • rudhran Says:

      the tireless effort of the pune people WAS instrumental in making his message reach the masses, but the ‘resort’ that you mention now is however different in my view. the ones who were there in those days are not there.. i am not intellectualizing the great man, but if you have to suspend your intellect you will not be able to see him. and, regarding the ‘approach with love’, it is only love that will disappoint you.

  22. Kranti Says:

    ” The true master creates discontent in you … and such a discontent that nothing of this world can ever satisfy it. He creates such a longing in you, that unless you attain to the ultimate you will remain aflame, afire. He creates pain in your heart, he creates anguish … because life is slipping by every moment, and each moment gone is gone forever, and you have not attained to God yet, and one day is over.

    He creates such a deep longing in you, such pain in the heart! He creates tears in your eyes, because only through such divine discontent will you move, will you take the quantum leap, the ultimate jump into the unknown. It is only through such divine discontent that you will gather together all your energies, and you will risk, and you will go on the ultimate adventure of finding who you are.

    Follow your own nature. Your nature is consciousness.”


  23. Kranti Says:

    Rudran Sir

    Thank you for the reply.. I have deep respect for you

    But my experience is that of Love and it has not done any harm to me except creating a deep longing to see the truth.. It has made me get up every morning with the same urge , same passion for the last ten years or so.

    It might have had certain cost as i did compromise on succeeding in material life.. I didnt chase success madly.. But thats is something i am more than willing to do..

    And with Osho it will never be blind love ..He always insists that we should not worship him or follow him blindly..Most of the methods he used are not meant for us.. It was done as a technique for people infront of him..he contradicted himself deliberately to unsettle people. Be it the 93 Rollce Royces or Buddha’s spirit leaving him because it didnt like his Jaccuzi etc.. It was not meant for us..He might have used a different method if i had been infront of him.. His intention was to wake up poeple,,not to create consistent techniques and teaching.. he never had any..

    I would like to stick to his vision..I look at him as WILD Rose flower dancing in the wind and spreading its fragrance irrespective of who is there to pay attention..he was not utilitarian.. he was not useful in that sense

    Having said that i will never know whether i would have had the courage to be with him out of love and compelete surrender…as living with a real master is not easy.. Knowing me i would have..

    With deep respect and love

  24. Vijay Says:

    Hello sir,

    I went through your post about osho and your experiences, osho has been a great man and he had spoken
    interesting facts, i am surely a fan of his words but but his teachings are always about facts and explanations, but do we need that info?
    it sure feeds our ego to grow but he dint show us the clear path to self realization.

    This is my view, pardon me if it hurts any of the other followers.

    Thanks and With respect,

  25. Kranti Says:


    Rudran Sir has posted an article about osho

    But if you want to get into some discussions / critical views refer to



  26. Vasu Says:

    This is a good and balanced article on Osho. I agree with you that osho is useful for understanding and propogating very useful concepts of freedom, enquiry and liberty. But there is also a dichotomy in his personality. What he taught and what he practicsed were poles apart. Many accounts of Osho mentions that he was a control freak and used to monitor his close disciples at a very micro level. This goes against his own very basic teachings. I read in his discourses on Diamond Sutra that he was very harsh on some people and prevented them from entering the ashram. No reasons were given. He functioned more like an autocrat. The people managing the show in the osho resort are just following their master’s action. Rajnesh was elitist and avoided in all ways to be associated with poor and middle class. That’s his life.
    But I still like his books though. He had an amazing talent for narration.

  27. Ananth Says:

    Dr. Rudhran,

    In your list of Osho’s books, I did not find a mention of “The Empty Boat”, which, I consider to be one of his best. Please read it, if you haven’t already.

    – Ananth

  28. Recurved Says:

    If you are letting something as vital as your soul get guided by some so-called brilliant guru.. If you want to know ourself, do it by yourself. This is not physics or chemistry to let a ‘teacher’ ‘guide’ you.

  29. Osho tamil Says:

    Really usefull information article on osho..Fine..i like this very much.

  30. dear DOCTOR SIR

    wind is common….
    but you are using the wind in good manner and in the flute., so, song arised. you given / dedicated osho’s word.

    thank you sir

  31. B Says:

    Dr Rudran,

    I saw ur program on Vijay TV Neeya Naana.
    I could see an animal behaviour in you. I think you are 2 faced beast. I could see real “Bossism” from the way u spoke. The way you spoke was like you know everything and others watching the programme or participating in the show do not know anything.
    Rudran, learn how to speak in the media first before doing anything.
    This is how i could write in a polished way without using abusive language. You fu*** B***

  32. rudhran Says:

    wow!! fools and frauds always provoke me.. i have to thank this creature for pushing me to write more!!

    • B Says:


      You are not ready to think for a minute, the mistake you did on a live show. Just send an threatending email to me will not be a good gesture for you

    • B Says:


      You are not ready to think for a minute, the mistake you did on a live show. Just sending an threatending email to me will not be a good gesture for you

  33. Dear Doctor,
    I too saw you in the Neeya Naana program and I was very much curious to know about you. I read through most of the posts in this blog and it was really interesting to read your perspectives on many of the issues.

    I was very much impressed in the way you explained what is Science. “Till today we use 2+2=4. If somebody proposes that he/she found 2+2=5, it has to go through all the rigorous tests of Science. Until then we have to continue using 2+2=4” Oh man, what a simple and elegant way to explain what is science. Especially, I believe that Science should be seen as a method for finding truth and not as a collection of scientific facts.

    Coming to the Neeya Naana program, do you really need to show your anger on the person who was telling that he was able to predict many future events. I thought, that guy was really believing in whatever he was saying. So shouldn’t only pity on such people and see what we can do let them understand Science. Wouldn’t your anger simply intimidate such people?

    Hoping to see more enlightening posts from you sir.


    • B Says:

      I am not in support of the people who were trying to say that they can predict the future.

      I am just angry about the way Rudran was speaking.

      If people watch the program carefully, a man was saying that he was able to see things that is going to happen in his dream.

      Rudran in his explanation he said, “Indha maadhiri tholil panadheenga, maathi ko ..” something like that.

      The poor man who was speaking was shocked when Rudran uttered those harsh words. He was running only a printing press business. Hope he was not running a brothel centre like Mr Rudran.

      I totally understand the guy who was speaking on the show and where he is coming from to explain his views.

      I am not supporting that guy.

      All i am doing in venting my anger on Mr Rudran…Sorry to be called as “MR”, the person should earn respect. So just in plain “Rudran”.

      Its so harsh words he used to keep the person shut on the show.

      Calling himself a Guru ( Rudran), should know how to respect the feelings of others or listen to others views, even though the opponent is wrong. Respect him first even though u are well renowned person.

  34. B Says:


    if you believe in god thank the same for not being within my reach. you do not have the guts to say this in my blog with your email id and chose just B as your name..the same

    end of conversation in mail


  35. B Says:

    I am not here to demotivate the followers of Rudran.

    Its upto you whom you want to follow.

    I have explained my reasons above why i posted my comments.

    Who ever it may be, every one will do mistake. Ofcourse we are all human beings. Sorry i am just a creature in the eyes of Rudran.

    I felt what Rudran did on the show, the way he reacted to the person , the way he showed his bossism is wrong. I felt he is not following what he preaches others.

    Anyway i am Sorry Rudran. Sorry People.

  36. rudhran Says:

    well even if i dont feel like writing a blog, i think i have to reply to crap like this…
    vinayagamurthy, thanks for your comment. there were a lot of conversations on that day..many have been deleted for reasons best known to the program producers and therefore my statements appeared jerky ( verb not noun)..
    and guys like this **B** are now making it a point to pick on me in blogs..i can handle them.
    as you all can see i do not delete anyone’s comment. it helps all to know the persons who comment.

    just for information i am not a guru nor have i preached in the past, i hope i do not do so in the future

  37. Pugalenthy Says:

    very much happy to see Doctor online…

  38. mala Says:

    dear dr,
    i am so late to visit your blog and hence this late comment….I am really an admirer of osho’s writing i have a collection of books and i admirer his witing about bagavat gita…enna oru therkamana parvai…i dont know why but i will have yr thought once in a while because in that age i was impressed so much on yr speech and ideas…i have not imagined you will be so sound in spiritual too and also you will be osho disciple too…
    thank u dr for your writing..
    really when i went through yr blog…drku namalamathiriyae ivlavu rasikarkala…..amazing

  39. Muthuvel Says:

    Dear Dr.
    Mr.B has given his hot comments on you.

    I just remember the opening words of the book
    ” Thevaigal Asaigal ” by you.

    ” Un unmaiyai ithamaga sol “. It really changed my life and i feel grateful to you for having introduced those words to me.

    I humbly request both Mr.B and my beloved teacher Dr.Rudran to remember and reinforce these words.

    Thank you doctor. Please comment on the need to react with anger that seems inevitable sometimes.

  40. Prakash Says:

    Well I do know Dr.Rudhran from so many movies. Sorry to show my dumbness ( i have not read any books written by you).

    Regarding the ‘intelligence’, Osho shattered my intelligence and i was thinking am very good guy untill I read Osho. First time, tears came because of love. never happened before or after that. Osho is my Loving Guru.

    Regarding Neeya Naana, I also did not like your anger. but when I think about it now, it could be the only ‘really required’ action at that time. Kindness does not help solving dumbness. If Dr.Rudhran pissed you off, stay away from Osho, he shatters the dumbness which words cannot explain – sometimes gross sometimes neat.


    Dear sir,
    What about OSHO discourses on TAO UPNISHAD=LAO TSE?

  42. Preetha Says:

    Hi Sir,

    Do you know how OSHO ran his ashram while he was still alive? Maybe it was completely different….

    Tks P

  43. Sudhan Bapat Says:

    Gentleman U are not a good listner, Its not how much u read but whether do it with a clean state of mind. My Exp. is all together different and very very good in nature with very good people on the earth.

  44. Tamil Says:

    dear dr. rudran,

    I actually dont know anything about you and since i have some problem mentally, i was searching forsome psychartist i got your name and i read this blog on osho its really good, some time back i also read osho’s monthly sbscirption, it was really though most of the things not understandable(may be iam not up to that mark) this blog is reallly interesting as i came to know about so many facts of osho and ashram and i would like to meet you in person at your clinic at kodambakkam, would definitely in short time that will happen , i hope i would get out of my mental problems…thanks

  45. Jagan Says:

    Hello Sir,

    Has heard about Osho n seen his pics here and there.
    Maybe i will start reading his works soon. thanks for the reference. 🙂
    Have a nice day!!

  46. Izzath Says:

    Thank you Dr for writing this on OSHO.


  47. barathi Says:

    I want to say something on rudran’s view on osho…………

    “As controversies and cases piled up against him, he wanted to be called Osho, for some strange reason that he never disclosed. ”

    Osho said about his name and spoke on the Cases piled up by USA attornies..He never kept closed those things….Rudran may not aware of that.I his book press meet came as ‘Last testament vol.1 to 6

    “Though his intelligence is beyond dispute, his integrity has always been a subject of discussion.”
    Rudran is trying to justify osho’s intelligence….He accepts by saying that above,,,but,he tries to question the Osho ‘s Integrity…
    From my hearing ,reading Osho’s sppeches and books,I can say that he is really Integrated Person.Only Integrated person can contradict and keeping essential ,existential in his stream…An Unintegrated person always speaks without Contradiction…He is repeating like Parrot.He may be scholar,philisopher or Psycho analyst……

    ” I am willing to overlook his hoarding of cars and flamboyance of attire and attitude, but I cannot help wondering whether his claims of earlier incarnations were mystical in nature, or with the market in the mind.”
    People gave gifts ,cars and all possibilities a loving person can give to Osho…He is possessing those cars..he simply is accepting those kindness..Person who thinks about cars and luxuries surounded osho seems to be jealosuy,,,,,,otherwise,why one should care or speak about that,,..Being a judge is disease of psychoanalyst…

    “Just because I had a bad experience in the place, I am not going to decry or denounce his intellectual contribution to the literature in that genre. ”
    Idiots will be everywhere …inside commune too..Curious visitors may be hurted by Curious disciples .Only EGO gets hurted…if Rudran’s Ego gets hurted ,there should be somewhere wound in his mind…For that,Rudran is speaking against Osho contibution means,it shows his own blindness on the reality or truth….

    “I reiterate that my respect for the many wonderful things that I had learnt from this brilliant teacher, remains undiluted. It, however, is just respect for a teacher, not surrender to a master.”

    Rudran calls Osho as teacher….why? why he cannt be able to accept him as Master?? because,he is seeing osho as Intellectual person only…he may use informations in his business…..TO Accept one as Master consciously,one needs to surrendar EGO……More Egoist person cannt surrender his ego….That s y,Rudran’s statement is like that,,,,

    ” (i am reminded of a conversation i had with Jayakanthan on guru, in which he admonished me for calling him ‘one’ of my gurus; he then advised me to not declare any living person as my guru since they may, before dying, leave me shame-faced. Maybe one cannot rush to call even a dead teacher a guru!)”

    Before accepting one as Guru or master,One needs to enquire much enough through his speeches..Once one understands master,then there is no problem in accepting one as guru…Osho also used to insist frequently “BE SKEPTICAL :BE ENQURER”.he is not master like other fake masters are roaming all around expecting others to accept their theories,ideologies by belief

    Jayakanthan seems to more safety oriented person,cunning too….Otherwise,if one feels one master is right,he should have courage to declare person as master…fake masters are always in human history….out of 100 masters,99% are fake..osho used to say in his speeches…
    osho is saying ‘Understanding Fake as Fake is great step towards to Truth’…..

    Dead master becomes alive when his sayings are implemented or meditated in reality…

    I feeel that Rudran and Jayakanthan didnt feel beauty of meditation..or..They may think Concentration as meditation……

    • jothi Says:

      infact what Dr. Rudran has said is true. I donot see any difference as far as the insight of osho and rudran are concerned.

  48. chakru Says:

    I never seen OSHO, but quite frankly if I were to be in position where I could have met him, I would have done so by all means (He died when I was hardly 2 years old).

    One of the reasons people in the last generation like yourself find it hard to accept him may be due to the ego issues.

    To me personally OSHO has always proved to be a great master, main reason is because I allowed him to be with full trust.

    If often surprises me where people comment on Osho just by reading his books and not trying out the methods he put forth which is the ultimate essence of any master to his disciple.

    I would have been more happy if you had shared your experience on the meditation methods he put forth which you have practiced.

    To me this post makes no sense, you just like osho because of his intellectual contribution in his books which certainly is not the purpose of his books. I think you are just mislead.

    Sorry to be offensive.

    Best Regards

  49. Venkat Says:

    I just came across this blog and the responses it got… It may be too late for my response, but however, thought of registering my response…I want those admirers and ‘disciples’ of Osho to first understand that in India, in the field of spirit and soul, there had been many great masters who remained above any contradictions and contraversies (those names need not be mentioned as every one knows who they are). Spirituaity is not waywardness. Both cannot travel together. You can name this waywardness by any name you want. But the truth is Spirituality is like what the Upanishads say… ‘a travel by an arrow to reach its target’. The Arrow cannot waver. The many contradictions and contraversies surrounding Osho is a testimony to the fact that he wavered during his lifetime itself.

    A concrete proof of it lies in the fact that Osho criticised openly many other contemporary spiritualists, which is the least and the last hallmark of any genuine ‘master’. He claimed himself to be superior to any one and declared others as fraud, humbug and their teaching, a ‘fake’ Spirituality (for example see his criticism of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whose Transcedental Meditation is being acclaimed world over for bringing in clarity of thought and psychological well being). Then for what he criticised it? As stated by his estranged disciple ‘he wanted people to believe that he and his teachings are somehow superior to others and what others teach. There is no scope for such exclusivity in Spirituality. There is also no scope for revolutionising Spirituality as Spirutuality is the path one chooses (by using the words revolutionary he really wanted to attract those who do not care a bit to take pains to explore what actual Spirutuality is- dedicated discipline and freedom from thought). As J Krishnamurti points out, there is no single path to reach ‘Truth’ (meaning that there are multiple possible ways to reach Truth).

    No doubt… as Dr. Rudhran says, he is very intelligent, intellectually strong, mesmerising in speech, has a very high degree of phsycholoigical manouverability, influential and above all the clarity of thougt to express spirutual thougts and ideas through his own unique and special way. Anyhow, all this alone will not make a Spirutual ‘Master’. There has to be genuinity in practice what is preached. The corruption and rot set in his ‘ashrams’ not after his life time. It was there even during his lifetime (at later stages of his lifetime when he lost control over himself). His own devotees have accounted for such corruption and rot.

    Hence, the only saving grace with respect to Osho is his books which shows shades of briliance and indepth exposition (even in this many of his Ideas mysteriously resemble those of J Krishnamurti)… Except for that, a person who often contradicts himself and who derides others has no better utility than his books..leave alone accepting him as ‘Master’…

  50. nilavan Says:

    Reblogged this on ilainjan and commented:
    one of my favorite person about another favorite person

  51. swarna latha.N Says:

    Pls, try to give the article about osho in tamil translation. We need all the informations written by you in tamil also.

  52. Senthil Says:

    To all followers of Osho, please accept my humble apologies. I hate to tell you Osho was a fake guru. Please visit http://www.enlightened-spirituality.org/rajneesh.html

  53. satkum Says:

    Wake up………truth is entirly different…………You cant approach it from any source including famous master like O………..

  54. Gayathri Karthik Says:

    but Osho Has chosen only you it seems…b’coz i don’t know whether u r aware ur face has such a deep resmblances of Osho…& such things are never an accident in existence…(one more person is also there…but that’s another story…:))))…

  55. Sai Says:

    Well i think rudran is inserting his ‘analytic attitude’ even in case of Osho. It is rightly said that ‘intellectual ones often tend to misunderstand Osho’… With Rudran..it is the same case..
    Rudran thinks that he knows much and has done a ‘great analysis’ by writing this bullshit!!
    Regarding good and bad experiences in life, a mature person knows how to handle and accept them rather than complaining about them..
    Well..God bless u..you need a lot his blessings!

  56. Sai Says:

    The moment Rudran says that ‘Teacher is necessary, Master is optional’, his IMMATURITY is reflected!!

  57. PG Says:

    Although the blog is on OSHO, i would like to comment on the MASTER’s role. I belong to a family who has a guru who showed us the path of Ádvait Mat. Mantra chanting is the basic ritual to be performed in a day. with this, we were ensured of the safety from the worldly troubles. We were happy with this but suddenly a incident took placed in our family which shooked me up and changed my way of thinking. So called GURUS can not save you from sufferings decided for you by nature. You will get what you deserve. GURUS can not show you even the path of enlightenment, they all exist for their survival only. Their close followers do whatever to fear you to raise funds for them.

  58. SUNEESH Says:

    beautiful blog Doctor.

  59. Krishna Says:

    Osho always said ” lot more effort is needed to bring the intellectuals on the path. The innocent progress faster. The intellectuals need to unlearn all the crap and then begin”. Science is part and not the whole. Spiritual pursuit is the pursuit of whole. Predicting the future though it seems mysterious to scientists is just pure truth to the spiritual. It’s a siddhi that can be attained. As far as Osho is concerned an unenlightened person can never understand an enlightened being.

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