Empty quiver

Emptiness of the quiver is known only to the hand that reaches into it.

I like to write on the best of topics- not because they would interest the one who reads them but primarily because they would interest me enough to write to finish  The best of such topics sadly reflect the worst in the society. I would have been happier writing about the two (rather three) Oscars that Indians have won. I would have been happy writing about some wonderful books that I have recently read. I would have been even happier writing about my idiosyncrasies. But I am forced by my own sick ‘fate'(?) to write on the recent tragicomic events of law and order and the leader!

The stunning but sick visuals of police chasing the lawyers and the stone throwing lawyers daunting the police were giving me an odd surreal feeling. I was one of the mostly-law-abiding citizens of the country who believed that law would defend me if I was legally mistreated! If lawyers have to pick stones and hurl in defense, I may have to build my biceps and triceps further in anticipation of an alarming eventuality. The police too were in my opinion vigilant and kind enough to see to it that the car I may park outside my house is not damaged by some goon. Now, I think I have to employ a security for my car in the event an angry policeman goes past it in a foul mood. Well, such things happen. Just as how I always believe an election would give me a better government, so do I continue to repose my faith on these two custodians of the social fabric. But my leader!

I had concluded long ago that whatever karunanidhi does will not surprise me. But this time he did it. He has surpassed himself. The ‘great’ leader of Tamils, now has gone gandhian (not SoniaG but MKG) in his declaration that if the lawyers and policemen do not come to a compromised peace accord, he would fast unto death! I am afraid that if the comedy is enacted I would be the only one to die, though in a fit of laughter.

I have been led to believe that the chief minister of the state has control over the police. If they had not cared to inform him of their anger and intended/unintended outburst in the high court, I am sure he has the experience, knowledge and power to discipline and or punish them. He may not have much to say to the lawyers for he too needs them when after his term is over he is sure to be slapped with a string of cases. There are some sycophants amidst the lawyers too whose help he can summon with a simple flick of a finger and infiltrate the ranks of the protestors and cause sufficient rift amongst them to make the strike a failure. He does not want to do anything like this. He wants to go on a fast.

If he believed that fasting – even if not unto death, would change whoever it is that does not listen to his wise counsel or heart-felt prayers, he should have done it earlier. If his affectionate congress president had seen him fasting she would have made her henchmen in the government take immediate steps to stop the merciless killing of innocent masses in Srilanka. But then if tamils were dying for or with or because of the LTTE, a fast unto whatever would have shaken his government. Now he can fast. He is being monitored by some of the best doctors in the country, so it will never be death due to fasting. The lawyers and or the police have to relent and come begging to make him change his heart and live for the upliftment of this country! We cannot, they are expected to say, allow the wise leader to suffer for our sake. None shall even in dreams say this is another script by the man who has earned his early riches by writing. We will soon see vinyl printed monstrosities of the grieving old man with a gandhian backdrop. We will all get ready to vote in the next election. The shame of it all is that we have to chose between him and jaya! Which one is a deadlier fire and who is the more evil of devils is a fifty-fifty choice! Only the coalition wary comrades would make the best choice and talk their way into it!

The grand old man of tamilnadu politics is perhaps running out of ammunition. Perhaps his quiver is so transparently empty that his mock gesture of picking up a sharp arrow to shoot does not evoke awe or admiration in us. Mimicries no more evoke any memories or emotions.But more than that, I think we have run out of all arrows to shoot at silly and scheming politics that attempt to mock at our meekness. The more we become aware of the emptiness of our quiver the more ready we shall become to sharpen new tools- in self defense.

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6 Comments on “Empty quiver”

  1. Nambi B Says:


    Except Jeya, nobody in TN is requesting MK to quit the office and get into Gandhian path or take care of his h(W)ealth, that’s a sad reality! People seems to have no other option now.

    Does MK feels that no one in his party is ready to rule TN? I wonder, then we are left with huge trouble soon.

  2. Hannah Says:

    Absolutely! What’s worse is we have no alternatives, and that’s very very scary! Can’t the left try and put together a third front or something? Can’t TN ever have a left government, not forgetting their atrocities in WB and Kerala. But, do we have choice?

  3. rudhran Says:

    the first step in moving forward would be to talk to all who have ears. we may not have an alternative now, but one will emerge only after thought. let us think and share our thoughts aloud.
    hannah, the election-oriented “comrades” with pseudo-marxian mutterings are not going to be an alternative, just remember nandigram and singur.

  4. Sudhakar Says:

    //I had concluded long ago that whatever karunanidhi does will not surprise me. But this time he did it. He has surpassed himself.//

    Well said Dr. I am very sure that you are not alone on this.

    MK would go to any extent and perform any stunts to just keep him in power and take care of himself (of course that includes his family). Perhaps he sets goals for himself to better his past performances.

    I hoped for a coalition government out of the last assembly election at the least to get some sort of change from the two kazhagams. But that didn’t happen. And, MK made sure that he wouldn’t accommodate any one from outside in the government even though he heads a minority one.

    For “comrades”, well, they should change the parties’ names that reflect their day-to-day politics. Just like MK, they just want to keep their “quota” in TN and India.

    As you rightly pointed out in your reply to Hannah above, the need of the hour is creating the awareness among the masses. The newspapers are supposed to do that. But are they? that’s a different topic altogether.

  5. Anitha Says:

    I liked the line – I think we have run out of all arrows to shoot at silly and scheming politics that attempt to mock at our meekness — such silly politics exist in corporates too. And a whistleblower at office runs out of arrows too.

  6. Praveen Says:

    சாம்பார் தழிக்கும் அளவிற்கு கூட தமிழ் உணர்வு இல்லாதவரை தமிழ் இனதலைவர் என்பதா, அந்தோ பரிதாபம்… தமிழர்களுக்கும் தமிழுக்கும் வந்த சோதனையை பாரயோ தேவி..

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