srilanka crisis resolved

Srilankan Tamils are going to be happy. All those who lost their home and happiness are going to get it back.No civilian is going to be hurt in the ‘war’  (all can be fair in war or the war against war),and the chief minister’s daughter will continue to be the MP.

All those who stood in the rain believing that their voices will have an effect can now relax. Many bloggers will run out of topics. All is well!!! Again another political situation has found a solution!

i cannot but want to believe this is true.

i really wish and pray that this is not the usual political eye-wash.

what else can i do, except swear in silence that i stand by the people who suffer. maybe i should start sanskrit ideology- like king, so people- and be shameless, insensitive and stupid…or sly.

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14 Comments on “srilanka crisis resolved”

  1. அற்புதன் Says:

    Yes sir,

    kalenjar has not changed, it was foolish on our part to belive that he would come out of his slefish urge for power at least at this stage of his political career.By this betrayl he has earned him self a permanent place in the history of the suffering eelam tamils as a great betrayer.

  2. rudhran Says:

    arpudhan, with shame, sensitivity and sorrow i plead ignorance. what do we do?

  3. krishnamoorthy Says:

    “இன்னும் எத்தனை காலம் தான் ஏமாற்றுவார் இந்த நாட்டிலே?”

    அப்படீன்னு பாடி மனசைத் தேத்திக்க வேண்டியதுதானே ருத்ரன் சார்!
    சொரணை கெட்ட தமிழன், ஏமாந்த தமிழன் இப்படி ஏராளமான பட்டங்களை கலைஞர் ஏற்கெனெவே தமிழனுக்குக் கொடுத்து விட்டார்.

    இதெல்லாம் அரசியல்லே ரொம்ப சகஜம் சார் இதுக்குப் போய் இவ்வளவு அலட்டிக்கலாமா?

  4. Sundar Says:

    //…or sly.

    true. all he wants his retain his role until his death and maintain the status quo amongst all his descendents. pathetic man & even more pathetic people, as even voting him out couldnt keep him off the power. thanks to all coalition shareholder politics 😦

  5. saravana raja Says:

    ஒரு வேளை பெரியார் இப்பொழுது உயிரோடு இருந்தால்,
    இப்படித்தான் எல்லாச் சுவர்களிலும் எழுதி போட்டிருப்பார்.

    கருணாநிதியை நம்புபவன் முட்டாள்!
    கருணாநிதியிடம் வேண்டுகோள் விடுபவன் அயோக்கியன்!
    கருணாநிதிக்கு சொறிந்து விடுபவன் காட்டுமிராண்டி!

    கருணாநிதி என இங்கே நான் சுட்டுவது, முத்தமிழ் வித்தகர், டாக்டர் கலைஞர் கருணாநிதியை மட்டுமல்ல, அவரை விடவும் நடிப்புக் கலையில் நன்கு தேறி விட்ட வைகோ முதலான தமிழினப் பிழைப்புவாதிகள் எல்லோரையும்தான்!

  6. சூர்யா Says:

    இன்னுமா இந்த உலகம் நம்புது..??? ஒரு போதும் இருக்காது.. 40 பேரின் எம்பி பதிவியை வேண்டுமானால் காக்ககுமே தவிர, இது நிலையான, நிம்மதியான வாழ்க்கையை ஈழமக்களுக்கு வழங்காது.


  7. //i really wish and pray that this is not the usual political eye-wash.//

    What do we expect from polical peddlers other than…

  8. Elango Says:

    Everyone is trying to use this issue for their own development and no one is there to sort out the problem.
    I don’t understand why Central does not take any action against this.

    Even, the cost of living in Tamilnadu goes high, high… who cares of it?

    Will they not change their attitude or goal?

  9. selva(13) Says:

    what we youngsters don’t understand is?

    1)how this lankan-tamil issue has been started?
    2)how long it is been happening?,how long it will be continue?
    3)sofar what we {so called tamils} have done for lankan tamils?
    4)and what we are doing is really meaningfull?
    5)because of all these happenings,will there be any impact of happenings?

    and finally who all are going to be benifited?- lankan tamils / tigers / singalese / our politicians / arms dealers / m.n.c / media people / who????? – god knows !!!!!!!

  10. Prakash Says:

    What Selva has asked is the eye opener to all of us – the current generation has no idea about why there is a war in the first place in Srilanka. Do they know the pains caused right from the independence of Srilanka or the massacre in 1980’s or what exacly Tamil people are asking for in Srilanka ? We, the senior generation failed & I think we are not including the current generation in our history, as our forefathers did to us.

    I would request Selva, atleast for the time being till we old people come out, to read about the issues in Srilanka using google. I am sure you will learn a lot on the history, different views and make your own decision.

    One thing for sure, Tamils have been reduced to “maanaada mayilada”. College students are reduced to fan following, TV, shopping, internet chatting – it was there earlier too, but those days the distractions were reasonably less and our minds were not always infested by others 🙂

    There is no doubt that “like people, like ruler”. We have to appreciate Ramadoss on this issue at least, where he has never swayed from his position. Vaiko is quite handy in getting attention on the issue, so lets not “over expect” from him. We need people like Ramadoss to take action on these things, not Vaiko.

    • rudhran Says:

      though what you have said is mostly true, i wonder about ramadoss- he wants to resign for srilankan tamils just a few weeks before the term gets over!

  11. Prakash Says:

    I think I am reduced to accepting politicians who has a atleast a clear stand, and not necessarily on his readiness to let go off position. Eriyira kolliyila indha kolli nalla kolli 🙂

  12. sowmiya Says:

    i feel that it ios all because of tamils character only.
    tamils are usually attracted by new things and
    feel easy to change their character to new situations.
    why they migrated from their own land to srilanka, malaysia
    and almost all over world.
    dont they feel shamed to go out their nation
    only for
    money and peace?
    cant they create the same in their mother land?
    dont they are fond of their nation?
    it is good to die in mother land as a slave
    than to live as a king in other land.

    peraasai peru nashtam.

    thamizhan unarchi vasa pattavan.
    aadhalal kavarchiyaal kettavan..

  13. Prakash Says:

    Hi Sowmiya, there is nothing wrong in “thirai kadal odiyum dhiraviyam thedudhal”. It is the nature of any aggressive race. I dont think it is seen as fun to travel 2000 miles in sea, 2000 years ago to do business with Greeks etc. And human race over the centuries has been always moving like the earth’s plates 🙂 The race which is aggressive like Tamil, Jews have gone beyond their borders and proved their mettle. I dont think we have to attribute this to search of money and make it cheap. Time and again Tamils have proved in history their love for motherland and also the love for the land they have taken as motherland – Indian freedom fighting, current armed force, etc etc. The srilankan issue is a question of losing identity, opportunity of a reasonably good sized mass of people. Best regards

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