useless words on a real pain

Genocide is being discussed if not interfered in this world. Innocent people who probably never wished for any war between anyone are being killed, hurt and hunted. I just chose to write a blog.

Srilankan tamils are suffering. Since I do not have the shamelessness to join a political farce I will not be a physical part of the ‘human chain’.

So what do I do? Write a blog that will be read by srilankan tamils from their safer havens? Keep writing blogs that would never be read by the cheap politicians here? Vote for the viewer targeted blogs that lament?

I do not know.

All I can do is take someone who is hurt into my house and nurse the wounds-physical or mental. I did it in 1984, I can do it again now…but?

When will people stop needing my little or somebody’s big help?

And when will the intellectual stop talking and do something?

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3 Comments on “useless words on a real pain”

  1. sangeetha enian Says:

    “all i can do is take someone who is hurt into my house and nurse the wounds” this is what i do feel about srilankan tamils and small girls begging on the near and dear ones would definitely say abig no to it. at times i feel guilty about my inability to change things.when i happen to pass a child on street i am ashamed for wearing a costly saree and luxuriously pass by a car.i do come out of this guiltiness easily and also get into it again with the same ease. what can i do with my own effort. may be just a little talk i feel sad about this.

  2. Vikram Avaral Says:

    Before I make my point :
    “My sympathies are with Srilankan Tamils .”

    What I’m going to state is related to mentality of Indian Tamils.

    If an Indian Muslim sympathises with a muslim of another country , we see them with a suspicious view and label them as not trustworthy or their loyalty is questioned .

    But that sort of judgement is not passed on to Indian Tamils supporting Srilankan tamils .

  3. Vikram Avaral Says:

    Accidentally I pressed the “Post” button .

    “….. so what I was trying to say that aren’t we using double standards to different communities here . THe only difference is one is religion and other is a race/language .”

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