spirits go on..shamelessly

so now it is kannadasan!

His spirit has been contacted and with enormous kindness it has ‘written’ a lyric for a film under production!

I only wish the spirit of MGR will give the hero a charismatic smile and the spirit of Sivaji gives him an emotive ability. I also wish the spirit of silk Smitha would give the heroine the art of seductive histrionics. I hope the spirit of KV Mahadevan will write the music for the song, I hope the newly joined spirit of Sridhar will drive a sense of direction to the director! Am I blasphemous?

Are we not insulting the dead who have no way of defending themselves?

If you really want a kannadasan song in your film, you can pick up lines from his books as how you use bharathi . Every director worthy of being called one knows that (as much she/he knows the fact that  many music directors are not really composers)!

My anger is not at these film-makers, but at the news-givers. I am infuriated that for whatever paise it may be worth, my news-supplying paper is wasting itself on trash. I would like to ask the editor and the reporter-Are you not ashamed to print and publicize such a silly thing? Are you really believing that we are all idiots simply because we still see silly films? Just because a publicity oriented person claims that he owns  your mother will you print the story? Where is the discretion of journalism?

you news-guys have caused me mental agony.If kannadasan’s spirit is summoned today, how can I ever die in peace? I am in ‘mortal’ fear that my spirit will be summoned someday in future.

do i sue you cheap frauds and fake sellers? if gandhi cannot sue when his father is insinuated..what would a hapless idiot like me can?

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3 Comments on “spirits go on..shamelessly”

  1. Yes it is silly.
    And this may even be some sort of silly promotional stuff.
    i don’t believe in after-life of any sort nor in an ethereal soul.
    but from a psychiatrist with social concern like yourself i would have expected some psycho-social factors that universally make mediums flourish.
    Are they intentional deceivers or self-cheaters?
    They flourish everywhere – in developed countries as well as developing countries.
    In countries like Haiti mediumistic shamanism is even a sort of protest movement – subaltern spirituality against the dominant Catholic church.
    What psycho-social factors drive such needs – not in this movie instant- but generally?

  2. rudhran Says:

    Are they intentional deceivers or self-cheaters?– yes arvind, they are intentional deceivers. they know the crap they give. in Haiti- the cultural millieu is different- we are pseudo-believers, our faith is one of fear and concenience therefore such silly lies are easier with us and not a cultural force as in haiti. thanks for making me think on this angle, my blog was just an impulsive outburst on a news item.

  3. //they are intentional deceivers// i beg to differ dear sir. there are intentional deceivers no doubt. but compared to mediums being a big industry in countries like US and Europe(Spiritualism – talking to spirits through table raps was a big fad in 1930s United States and even today if you are a medium you can make a real comfortable living.) our cheaters are nothing. Now i did a mistake. Actually Shamanistic Voodoo should have been compared to our own ‘Sami Aattam’. If we have a real study of Grama Devatas and Shamanistic practices and folk mythologies, we shall have definitely a cultural force – even more vibrant than Voodoo (which is actually struggling for its existence under the heels of Church). It may be tempting here to make Brahminism and Folk religion of Hinduism two categories (like Catholic chucrh and Voodoo) but my opinion based on ground data is that they are more a continuum than categories.
    //we are pseudo-believers, our faith is one of fear and concenience// i wonder why this self-flagellation. in my field work in folk religion of Hinduism i have repeatedly found us not pseudo-believers but people with a dynamic belief system (if at all the word belief merits to define what we have) that grows with the individual inner growth. Almost every Hindu has this. Thus a folk deity can become a vehicle for inner transformation (call it individuation or self-actualization/transcendence or whatsoever) just like any other God/Goddess. So i think this self-flagellation attitude is quite unnecessary or is it indicative of something deeper – some pent-up anger or frustration?

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