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again no na? besides that,

September 9, 2008

friends comrades and countrymen, i had earlier written a blog on the nano. i was just wondering that time. now i feel that the situation has come to a stage where i believe i was taken for a ride. i did imagine at some point that like the erstwhile jamshedpur, there is going to be a ratanpur for posterity! but no na!

i had made some notes in my online diary on September 7th, 2008- and i had written,

well once upon a time there happened a jamshedpur, and the legacy had to continue.  but, for the latest tata, making a car out of steel has become more tricky than the old man’ making steel.

will there be a ratanpur soon? after all, the mamtas, the villagers, the land owners and the land not-owners can be at sometime compensated adequately. if the comrades can come down who can stay aloof and away?

now that the original gandhi’s grandson is in the picture, soon we should see the named gandhi’s grandson coming to join the photo ops!

looks like there may be a small car after all! small prices we pay-  expendable emotions and empty rhetoric will well be the noise of the next gen.

a sigh, at the sign of things to come!

and again i felt i had to write

i feel sorry for the poor ratan who was not aware what the discussions were going to be. just see how things are! gandhi knew,( not just the grandson of the real one but also the grandson of the named one would have known ), mamta knew, budda knew, every journalist who wanted to write even in an obsucre unread magazine knew, but poor tata did not know. he had to wait for the governor to declare, and journalists to highlight before he knew that he was not consulted. he sulks, scowls and becomes indignant. ‘not consulted’ is his anger, as though he would have been stopped at the gates of the governor’s office/home. the righteous man who did not wait for the people of india to ask him to make a car that will cater to every indian family, was waiting for an invitation to a meeting which was to decide his dream for the country?

he is angry and indignant that no one consulted him? i cant imagine the man that way. he is not becoming indignant about not delivering the car on time! he is not angry that his staff and whatever intelligence (pun intended) he has does not deliver the goods!

maybe his staff are no good. first they missed out on the fact that the project was going to come up in troubled waters. they cared not about waters just as how they did not about earth. then they fail to tell him what the negotiations are. they fail to put up a representation for him. despite all this, i see newsmakers saying that the tatas are racing against time to deliver the little car! they sure made a couple of them as seen live on TV. but what happens to the dream? inflation? increase in fuel price? completely infeasible (economically) a project?

now infosys is worried about stepping into Bengal! as though they would have! maybe i am wrong. maybe they were also promised land that did not belong to the government. comrades! wash the linen atleast in private, it stinks publicly.

who is to be blamed? the govt.of the people which tried to cheat the people? the wily businessman who just got away without having to deliver what he promised? the sold-out journalists? if singur was the precursor to nandigram why is it that  only now there is discussion and debate on the issue? ha!  the discussions and debates we keep having in this country!!

tatas are going because staying means a loss. budda may also want them to go, he needs something to shout about mamta. mamta may not want them to go, but either way she scores a point. others are threatening to leave or not come may be  an indirect offer to the sold-out marxists? maybe i am paranoid. but paranoia also stems out of insecurity. it shows that the mind is afraid, it means even if distorted in the logistics that the environement is no more safe.

as i was browsing a social netwroking site, preodinantly for india, i saw many concerned questions. “O MyGod” they weeped, afraid that the IT industry would suffer. one of them, with the usual audacity asked, if all are caring for the farmers who cares for the IT people who lose because many of them wont come to bengal! many people working in IT get money if they are relocated. the farmers get no money, no relocation and even no understanding or empathy from these neo-thinkers!

honestly my worry is not about the nano, it is about how we get taken for a ride, all the time

at times the computer capitalizes some things, but there is nothing capital about this matter, just as how there is nothing comunist about it!!