NSG query, do we worry?

this was written in blogs.ibibo.com/psychiatrist  on 24th august 2008, and after ten days i am yet to see a follow-up news. and, india is again worried about NSG!

Well it so happened I paused to wonder in concern about my concerns regarding this country. This morning a news paper carried a small news in a rather inconspicuous corner, that a little girl was stripped and humiliated, just because her mother won a small time election. The mother belonged to Marxist-Leninist party- allegedly supporting the `terrorist’ label carrying naxals.

The front page carried how hundred million Indians are proud that three of their country men managed to win in Olympics. The next day the great news givers turned their eyes on the bizarre NSG.

Like the majority, I follow the carrot dangled as news. I shift my concerns from cricket to rifle shooting to wrestling and then to the latest least dress design. My road is tortured everyday, abused and abased for no logical reason. Various departments of the same office, allegedly computerized keep digging to make driving a misery. A hotel in the area dumps its rubbish in the street corner. There is slush even when there is no rain. ARRehman lives in the same street!

As I venture down the street I see pain, poverty and frustrations. School kids are getting on to bikes and drive nosily. Rag pickers are sifting thro apartment waste, generally finding nothing of value to them. Everyone quarrels on the road. The road is a raging wrestling arena. There is so much happening. I read that prices are going up and above the common man. I see common folk queuing up to buy jewelry and dress.While all this happens, since we don’t have psycho killers, sex scams of celebrities, cricket and cinema promos, we have to be worried about NSG.

There was a time when I used to buy different newspapers to get different news and different perspectives. Out of habit I still buy five papers every morning. I know I am being taken for a ride. I know that their news worthy items are reader-capturing matters. And like the producers and directors of our cinema, they too believe we like crap or that we only deserve crap. And we take the crap in. whatever happened to that Marxist-Leninist family? No one cares! It is not high profile arushi stuff.

The same thing goes for our `comrades’. I believed in them once. I wanted to believe in them for a long time. I had to pretend to believe in them too. The CP whether I or M, is no better than the news papers. They have their own agenda- not necessarily a Marxian honesty or a Leninian integrity, and they behave as though we deserve the hypocrisy they dish out to us.Ok then, having cared enough about NSG, let us wait for Dhoni to make life interesting. Meanwhile pseudo communists, pseudo intellectuals, pseudo journalists and pseudo people (including me nowadays) shall waste a tear drop now and then to make our laughter more fulfilling.

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