careless concerns

this was written on 5th of august 2008 in ibibo blog.

a lady distraught with the burden of sorrow that she is carrying, needs to put it down and move on. this is the most opportune time for all of us voyeuristic vultures to opine and pontificate. her partner agrees with her decision, but trust india to find a million bystanders shaking their head.

why do we have to give an opinion on whether the lady should go on with the pregnancy or abort? we seem to be just too willing  to sms our thought on the matter- what is the matter? what is the `wrong’  and the `right’ in this matter? how much thought do we put onto these things before we venture to tap on the keyboard to let everyone know about our `concern’?

sex and pregnancy are private matters. the couple involved alone have the right to decide on issues regarding these matters. in this case however our moral hairs have bristled because the foetus is about six months. the baby will be born, says expert opinion with a cardiac disease.the mother does not want a life-long suffering for herself and the baby. now the court says thou shall continue the pregnancy! a church has said that it will take care of the baby if the mother does not want. since a church has made this declaration i am sure some mutt will offer a little more. a couple of politicians and film-people will also say the same in front of cameras. maybe in the next session of the parliament the defacto prince of india will mention the name of the mother and express his anguish,  in his own inimitable floundering style.who really cares?

as far as i can see- from my unreliable news sources, the TV and Papers, the lady does not want to continue the pregnancy. when there are skilled and willing doctors available to do what she wanted, i do not understand why the matter had to go to the court? the money she is going o spend in the court’s yards and the time ofcourse, could have been useful in getting the job done atleast one week earlier. she must be sad. she definitely looks distraught ( quite natural when one walks thro the corridors of justice in india. her urrent mood will be one of anger and bitterness. this will continue till and even after the child birth- if it happens. though natural maternal instincts will come into play after the baby looks into her eyes, why can’t we respect the mother in her now? she does not want her baby to be sick. she does not want years of tears.

our inquisitve minds want to know if it is a murder – a la arushi!!  we need another story for our chats. the channels need this juicy matter to probe their TRP. is this a murder? is the mother murdering her baby- this is the line the news guys are going to cling on to. the real matter of concern is the mental health of the mother.

she will go into a severe depression. she will be in a state of high anxiety. sub-consciously she may hate the baby, and the resentment would show up even in subtle forms in the relationship. she will be angry with the system and get osessed on ways to give a punch on society’s face.

the family will never be the same again. some angered aunt will whisper into the (if-born) child when it is ready to understand that the mother plotted for a murder. there will be guilt and perhaps shame.

having come this far, i cannot see a happy mother-child in future but the courts perhaps know more, and the pseudomoral guardians even more. all i can do is shamelessly blog and be satisfied that some fellow bloggers make comments. then?

after that blog in a few days the lady aborted. newsmen shut up, and the country kept waiting for another coffee-conversation!


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