an attempted art

this is just a trial and i have been able to do this because of a great site called,

just click on the link below and give your comments

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5 Comments on “an attempted art”

  1. Jakki Says:

    Worst picture

  2. jakki Says:

    WHy don’t u shave ur beard, u look ugly with that.

  3. rudhran Says:

    jakki, i can accept if you think it is bad art. but shaving is not a matter of your concern.

  4. chandru Says:


  5. Praveen Says:

    I wonder why people think Art always has to be so beautiful, well defined, proportionate, and with beautiful colors.. is that what is called as “Perspective”….

    this reminds me of something .. few things when viewed closer may not look good but take a moment to go back and see the larger picture you will enjoy it..

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