the spirits, the murders

There were murders, done in dark and silent nights on the streets of Chennai. Nearly ten of them occurred in a spate of 30 days. Public, police and the press were on the prowl –each with their own agenda. And then, this news item appeared- not an obscure single column two inch `matter’ but a half-page colour feature!This is how the “news” appeared:

2 serial killers on prowl, say spirits
In a dimly-lit room in Triplicane, occult specialist Ravichandran invokes ‘friendly’ spirits through his medium. He shoots questions at the medium, a young woman and a student of occult studies, about the recent serial killings to which the city police are fervently trying to find answers.

“While the murders were committed by one person, he had an accomplice who watched the crimes and derived pleasure out of it,” said the young woman as she scribbled incoherently on a piece of paper like someone ‘possessed’.

After his brief interaction with the spirits, Ravichandran avers that the murderer targeted people belonging to the same profession. And he too had worked in the same line before developing an hatred for the job. “I got to know that the killer also suffered from partial mental imbalance. And in those moments, he had killed people,” Ravichandran told this newspaper.

Trying to unravel the ‘psycho’ killings is not the first police case that Vikravandi V. Ravicha ndran is handling. Policemen stuck with unsolvable cases are his regular visitors hoping that some unofficial and unconventional help will bring fresh clues to their cases. The spirits also informed Ravi that the ‘pyscho’ killer would murder one more person before being nabbed by the police. “But, the duo will be caught soon,” he said. When asked if the same person committed all the six murders, the spirits told Ravi that while the mentally deranged killer was responsible for four of the murders, two murders were thrust upon him.

Ravi is not the only consultant the police talk to. Other occult specialists and astrologers too give expert advice in solving major crimes. “When they hit a roadblock police officers approach me for advice,” a noted astrologer claimed.

The fee ranges from Rs 500 to a few thousands. And police admit that sometime a door opens for them, like when the astrologer insisted that a family member was involved in a burglary. “He was right,” said an inspector. Back in the ’70s, when an idol was stolen from the Ettumanoor temple in Kottayam district in Kerala, astrological predictions helped the police in tracking down the accused. Asked to look for ‘paper’ evidence, a page from a used notebook that was retrieved from the crime scene helped the cops to solve the crime.

(from DC:Chennai

This is what was reported in a reliably respectable news paper.

And in two weeks, the murderer has been nabbed! Much before committing another murder as predicted by the spirits! This stinking story, perhaps perfumed or incensed enough for spirit-traders, makes me wonder about the police and the frauds, not to mention the wonderful journalistic non-concern for truth.

The police have no business to enlist and pay for the services of these spirit-counsellors. But given the fact that we are a tolerant, embracing, multi-cultural society in which individual beliefs and sentiments are given a fair amount of respect, I do not think that it is wrong for the cop as an individual, in his own personal capacity- definitely not as a law and order officer, to have sought divine or devious interventions. But when the consultant claims that police call upon him to help to solve these cases, and that too in a newspaper, something must be done.

The policeman should be called for inquiry to ascertain whether he had pursued un-scientific means to do his job, and if found guilty appropriately punished by the (atheist-turned-agnostic-but –always-{though self-proclaimed}-rational) chief minister of Tamilnadu. If this were not true, the newspaper should tell gullible readers like me, whether the whole story was just a joke. They should find out more. It would really educate the public to know who gave this lead to the journalist. And, if my guess is right, and this is just a publicity stunt to boost a business, I hope that there is a possibility to punish someone for this.

My Confusions and concerns are increasing.So, the alleged `psycho’-killer finally has vanished. A petty thief with a penchant for smashing heads and burning bodies has been successfully `detected’. All of us (from the very common me to the CoP to the CM) can now have a good night’s sleep. I wonder why these puny young men wanted to take an auto-rickshaw, roam the streets at night, catch poor watchmen for looting their meager possessions, and kill the victims? The stories we were told by the media described how blunt weapons or stones were used to smash the skull and also some bodies were burnt. Such a vicious violent and perverted crime had been committed for how much money? Not even a couple of thousands!! So this is now supposed to be a `murder for gain’ thing, not a string of murders with no motive! We now have murderers and the motive, only clues are missing! Ofcourse proofs may surface albeit from the masterminds of supercops.If the lie of the spirit-consultant becomes true by a freak accident, and if some more hapless people happen to get killed in a similar fashion, then? I shudder to think of the scene. With absolutely no shame or guilt our officials will tell us the hunt is on. Newspapers will create exciting stories. The search will be on, while the accused will be ignored and left in some corner of an asylum or jail –after all that is what happened to the first `nab’ by the police in this serial killing fiasco. The mentally ill person was rightly sent to the institute of mental health, Chennai, where he will be under observation! The only right thing done in that case!Regarding spirits later.

the last/latest i read about this thing is that there are seven guys going around killing- info allegedly given by the CoP Chennai! between the `catch’ and the `news’ there were Masha Allah no killings!!


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8 Comments on “the spirits, the murders”

  1. Satya Says:

    One of the leading Tamil satellite channel showed an interview with this Ravichandran a couple of years back, in which he claimed to have spoken to the spirits of M.G.R and N.S.Krishnan and many more popular figures. To my opinion, he tries to gain popularity through the media once in a while to improve his business. The news hungry media here is always ready to make news out of such people. This guy also claims to have many dicicple’s. It is the time for us to have a legal system in place which will prevent out society from becoming a breeding ground for such irrational practices and irresponsible media.

  2. sangeetha enian Says:

    i was also wondering and worried and i dont believe the so called research done by the police they must know all the reason behind the murders and the culprits . police department or the one make them act shall better take part to do a film .

  3. Poornima Says:

    I am a graduate student of Electrical Engineering specializing in Neuroscience.
    When I take a look at the new science of ‘memes’, I wonder why these memes , ‘religion’ and ‘spirit world beliefs’ still exist? Why are they still around? Are all those people really ‘popularity hungry’? I wonder. Branding these (paranormal ‘stuff’) as ‘irrational’ is a biased opinion, more so when we can question ‘rationality’ itself.
    I think we must have unbiased investigations into paranormal ‘stuff’.

    • Vijay Amarnath Says:

      You think that what you say is right. others think what they say is right. Just because you are an electrical engineer in neuroscience, it does not mean that you belong to the modern era. Today Neuroscience is growing to a huge tree in many parts of Europe. Please go through the research papers to update further. Check out for informations

  4. Nath Says:

    Dear Dr. Rudhiran,

    You echo the same views I have had on this cheap, Media attention deriving “Vikravandi” Ravichandran. This cheap fellow had taken everybody for a toss a decade ago by creating a Mass Hysteria by conducting a program in Raj T.V., Biodata a program conducted by “Abhaswaram” Ramji, The program itself defied scientific knowledge. After this taken for granted program to fool the viewing public this “Abhaswaram” Ramji, a self proclaimed Music director with no better work than to organize a dirty program like this chaired by “Donkey” Ravichandran, this “Abhaswaram” faded into ignonimy. When the honorable Commisionerate of police takes help of this Rascal Ravichandran to get clues for deadlocks i earnestly believe that it is a rumour. First let me say about this “International Fool and National Idiot” “Vikravandi” Ravichandran, this fellow himself is an ordinary man like you and me and HE IS NOT A SPIRIT MEDIUM AT ALL for the kind attention of the public. He has cheated guillble people by charging exorbitant rates for speaking to our dead near and dear ones.
    The Magazine of this cheap third rated dirty rascal is for circulation for sometime now with copied stories from google with around free distribution to a few 50+ odd people.

      A few personal details of this dog’s life. He lives as a scavenger in his third wife Malathi’s Home in gopalapuram. If he says good natured spirits come to his spirit office in a small lane in Triplicane then this should be the greatest lie of the Decade by this fellow. Acutually the reason for this donkey to run a mysterious office in a small lane is to avoid getting publicly chappeled in Broad Daylight.

    It is a warning from scientific people to general public that not to entertain people like Ravichandran, who infact is an “Dhirshti” a tamil derogatory word for the good town of VIKRAVANDI.


  5. Anand Raj Says:

    Dear Nath…

    I am not a supporter of Ravichandran. I Just browse thru and got to read your views. Making money is a different thing by using the spirit and ghost. In my teenage (i am now 35) i got to know about him through “a spirit”. Believe it or not i lived at Virudhunagar, and i never crossed even Madurai. But i came to know his address too thru a spirit which i acted as a medium and even wrote a letter for cross checking. I used to solve some family problems of my neighbors thru their near and dear parted souls. I respect the feelings of my fellow beings. So, i just dropped being a medium or being in touch with souls, spirits, ghosts or so, because of rousing welcome and admiration i got within the neighborhood. But I don’t think that a city police commissioner’s problem can be solved by a spirit. They can get a lead to crack but never can finger a point at culprit. It is just a guessing work if Ravichandran done that..!

    The feelings just robed with our sentiments. It is better begging then utilize their sentimental weakness. I feel sorry for Ravichandran.

    My email id is

  6. Vijay Says:

    Dears sir,

    I am Vijay prabhakar from Dindigul. I want to ask some Clarifications with Mr. Vikravandi Ravichandran. Could you send Mr. Vikravandi Ravichandran address to my


  7. Ramkrishnan Says:

    I have gone to Vikravandi Ravichandran for consultation two or three times. Everytime I go with some problem, he says the same things as remedial measures. Even if I tell that I have performed all the remedial measures have been already done by me, he still says that dosha is still existing. How can it be?. A few years back he charged Rs200 and now it is Rs.500/-. All my problems persist, but he is becoming rich. Something has to be done to curtail these cheaters.

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